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Aromatherapy – new essential oils

Aromatherapy oils are also recognized as essential oils as they create the basis of aromatherapy and motivate the body, mind and spirit. Essential oils are powerful derivatives of plants and their stems, fruits, roots and flowers. In aromatherapy, these oils are used in oils, such as apricot seeds, jojoba, sweet almonds and grapes, and are massaged on the body. Aromatherapy is nowadays treated in many circumstances and is thought to work both physically and psychologically.

The first part of the theory is that if you smell essential oil, it triggers the limbic system – a brain that regulates emotions, stores and learns memorized memories – and relaxes it. The other part of the theory is that essential oils absorb the skin and have medicinal properties that cause the problem.

There are only two essential oils in aromatherapy such as tea tree and lavender oil that can be used directly on the skin. After applying these oils to the body, the skin is rapidly absorbed within a few minutes without any sticky feeling on the body. There is a large amount of essential oils used in aromatherapy, and these include: –

Eucalyptus: This oil comes from Australia. We consider it an ingenious oil. It is also used to protect the body from various infectious diseases such as measles, flu and bad cold. This is an effective insect repellent.

Bergamot: This is basically in Italy. It comes from the bitter orange shell. It has a pale, invigorating and orange-like, light green color. It is a good enriching oil that works great for various disorders like headaches, tension and anxiety. This essential oil can be used for body massage.

Geranium: This essential oil comes from Pelargonium and has a charming female scent like a rose. Avoid using during pregnancy. This oil is excellent when you are suffering from depression and irritability.

Kamilla: This is the best essential oil for children and women. German and Roman camomile oil is widely used in aromatherapy. German chamomile oil is good for children and soothes nappy rashes, stomach or colic swelling and skin irritation.

Neroli: This essential oil comes from the sour orange flower. It contains a charming and refreshing scent. It is useful in relieving anxiety and has a soothing effect that strengthens the skin. It also motivates the development of new cells.

Peppermint: Like a fresh mint. They are added to various skin care and cosmetic products that are oily skin or acne. This oil is a very invigorating and revitalizing oil that is good for indigestion.

Rose: This essential oil is excellent for relieving stress and overweight depression. For all skin types, especially mature skin.

Use the appropriate aromatherapy oils and check out the benefits.

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