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Aromatherapy oil

The practice of aromatherapy is primarily based on the use of pure essential oils that are plant originals that contain the essence or aroma. Every aroma or oil has a special effect on body and body. Essential oils are also used for aromatherapy and massage. Since different types of oils have different effects on body and body, two or more can be mixed to develop a special scent for special purpose.

Production of essential oils is a complicated and delicate process. To produce a small bottle of essential oil hundreds of kilos of parental plants or flowers are needed. For example, 2,000 kilograms of rose petals may be needed to make one liter of essential oil.

There is currently a lot of demand for pure essential oils. Purity can be derived from a number of factors, including how to breed a parental plant. Organic and non-organic essential oils are found on the market. Organic essential oils come from plants grown with pesticides, herbicides, irradiation or any unnatural treatment. Non-organic oils come from plants that have passed through them. It is likely that they contain toxic and unnatural substances that may be allergic or cause more harm to the user. Nothing is as good as a 100% pure oil. Since excessive use of essential oils can be dangerous, and because they are very concentrated, they are another oil, Used as carrier oil. Almond oil, yogurt oil, apricot oil, olive oil, etc. Each is a carrier oil. Whether it is an essential oil or a carrier oil, it should be stored in a cool place because of its volatile nature and its ultraviolet light sensitivity.

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