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Aromatherapy: Pure Essential Oils and Healing

For thousands of years, aromatic oils have been used to reassure tranquility, anxiety and panic. Aromatherapy can be a valuable ally in trauma recovery, wherever the person who survives the trauma, rescue work that affects his direct involvement with the survivors, or simply who sees and hears the stories of the victims of the catastrophe.

The use of plants and herbs is the oldest form of healing diseases and pain, the therapeutic effects of plants are recorded in the earliest writings of history, myth and folklore. According to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese manuscripts, practitioners and doctors have been using essential oils for thousands of years before Christ can heal the sick.

In ancient times, essential oils were more valuable than gold. Recently, aromatherapists have offered these healing valuable drugs to disaster victims and rescue workers who help them manage the loss and the uncertain future.

I spoke with Sylla Sheppard-Hanger, United Aromatherapy Director (UAE) and her experience at Ground Zero after the New York 911 catastrophe. The feeling of "wanting to help" Sylla joined Doug E. Rasmusson, Executive Director of Emergency Response Massage International (ERMI), established in 2005, to provide Massage for Ground Zero rescue work.

When he came to Ground Zero for an insight into the essential oils for aid workers, he came to Sylla. He kept on contacting immediately and began organizing his contributions to essential oil stocks and the United Arab Emirates. The result was that essential oils were used before, during and after massages, as well as in firefighters.

"You know, of course, that the results are instantaneous with aromatherapy," says Sylla, "and we hear people who later got headaches, better breathing, and so on.

Since 911, the United Arab Emirates has been involved in other aid efforts, including Hurricane Katrina and Rita.

Essential oils are very aromatic and therefore many benefits are simply achieved by inhaling the aromatic fragrance. It is well known that aroma reaches and influences the deepest human instincts. When essential oils are inhaled, aromatherapy offers not only the soothing benefits of scent, but also the many health benefits unique to essential oils.

Essential oils are highly concentrated, one drop or two can bring significant results!

What is aromatherapy and how does it work? Aromatherapy means that the inhalation should be treated with aroma. Essential oils are the mixture of the only plant origin (flowers, seeds, leaves, stems, bark, plants, bushes, shrubs and trees), aromatic and volatile liquids, most of the plant, essential oil.

Essential oils become the plant's blood, protect against bacterial and viral infections, purify the tissues, and feed oxygen and nutrients into the cells.
There are many cheap chemical copies of essential oils, but these are not recommended for therapeutic purposes.

For the best results, get the highest quality oils you may find. Organic or other wild produce should be used if available.

Hippocrates said that there is medicine for all that is found in Nature, but science is now beginning to examine the many benefits of the essential oils and study the incredible healing substances in them.

Virtually all that modern drugs use today can be traced back to a botanical extraction. An increasing number of case studies are being prepared to ensure the effectiveness of aromatherapy for therapeutic purposes.

Aromatherapy is a natural cure for essential oils to improve physical, mental and emotional well-being. Research conducted and empirical evidence show that aromatherapy is extremely effective for traumatic patients.

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