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Aromatherapy: Rosemary Essential Oil Profile

Rosemary is a popular herb for cooking and aromatherapy. In fact, it is a member of the Mint Family, and it is mainly grown in Morocco and Spain. Rosemary likes dry, hot soil. The rosemary plant is evergreen shrub in the domestic regions. It can grow very high, as the right conditions (more than six feet), but in the native areas, the high edges tend to keep the scrub. In some parts of the world with the harder spots (5 and lower zones), rosemary grows every year. The rose tree grows with long, green coniferous leaves covered with leaves. In spring, blue, pink or white flowers bloom at the ends of lakes. All vegetable parts can be used to extract essential oil, though the highest quality oil comes from flowers only. The essential oil is extracted by steam distillation. This process involves the use of condensed steam to remove essential oils from plant material.

Rosemary is a bit old-fashioned attraction. This "remembrance" and "flowers and brides that often bunch with bunches of bouquets and sometimes embedded in burial floral arrangements."

Rosemary is very astonishing, almost odorless with woody harrows, very similar to eucalyptus as a substitute for incense mirh was also used, since it is much more widespread and cheaper than mirha.It would be a disinfectant in the incense hospital

The aromatherapy benefits of rosemary essential oil include: antiseptic, stimulant, stimulant, fatigue and memory enhancing.

Rosemary Home Remedies

For Severe Muscles: Take more stems on fresh rosemary and boil them for 5 minutes. Remove from the water (make sure that you use a lotion, not to burn itself), and wrap it in several layers of gauze. Use this damp compression in sore and muscular muscles.

To clean the stuffy head: Clear the stems of the fresh rosemary. Place the stems in a small bowl filled with 2 cups of boiling water. Place a towel on your head and bend over to the bowl, inhaling the smell of steam. 5 minutes.

Skin: The palm is full of rosemary leaves and put in a bottle. Fill the bottle with witch hazel. Use: dampen a cotton ball with paint and clean skin. Use it daily.

Protect the rosemary. Rosemary should be avoided in pregnant women, in hypertension or in patients with epilepsy due to their ability to stimulate the brain. Some people find rosemary oil a skin irritant, so always carry rosemary in a carrier oil or skin test. Next time you can use rosemary to cook for a moment and enjoy the crisp scent of leaves. This is the only way to make this wonderful herbal aromatherapy and the great flavor! Keep some fresh spikes in a small vase at your desk to make you alive all day.

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