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Aromatherapy – Sandalwood essential oil

The story of sandalwood (Santalum album) is over 4000 years old. Its tree is very aromatic and very important to many cultures. It is an evergreen tree that grows to 16 meters high. It's a parasite tree, and it's embedded in the host, slowly absorbs nutrients. as long as they collapse and the sandalwood in the place remains high. Sandalwood never fills up, but rises in the wet period when the heart trees and roots are richer in noble metal oil. The sandalwood wood is extracted from the heart (best quality), sawdust, and sibir.

The aroma is heavy, sweet, woody, exotic and just like wine, it becomes better with age.

The best essential oil comes from India, and oil is never won before the tree reaches maturity. It's anywhere between 30 and 80 years. I could be very old in time. I will imagine that this tree was nearly extinct because the tree was used in various ways.

Sandalwood essential oil in aromatherapy is one of the most enthusiastic. Buddhists and Hindus are used in their religious practices, brought by the Egyptians as rituals of death and honor of the gods. The tree is soft and is often used for objects such as prayer beads. As wood is resistant to white ants, it is common to have sandalwood furniture. The Japanese prepared for the worship of worship and various ceremonies. This is an important alternative medicine for Ayurvedic purposes.

Since ancient times, essential oil is thought to promote spiritual awareness, meditation and rest. The incense burned to comfort mankind's problems.

Sandalwood is rapidly decreasing and efforts to increase the growth of species have not been successful. For this reason, wood can no longer be used to make furniture. The valuable essential oil is steam distilled for aromatherapy purposes.

Species in Australia slowly replace traditional Indian sandalwood but have a slightly different quality.

Vietnam regulated sandalwood plantations for species to have a chance of maturity, and the state government of India stated that the tree was a protected species. The privately owned sandalwoods belong to the government.

Modern aromatherapy (European and American perfume started in the 1900's), the essential oil of sandalwood is often used as a fixing agent for perfumes and is a pillar of the fragrance. It is also your favorite smell of all time. The properties of the aphrodisiac are well known and should be used at their own risk! Apart from that, the essential oil is antiseptic, soothing, diuretic and tonic. Good mature skin. It encourages body relaxation and helps with chest congestion, heartburn, dry cough and sore throat. It helps the feeling to be based on meditation.

I use stale oil essential oil all the time and approx. After 6 months, I noticed that it was not something trivial that would push me from the depths of my psyche. Sandalwood is too relaxed with bergamot, lemongrass or other more powerful oils.

Do not use or use essential oils that are non-dilutable on the skin. It is our responsibility to use them wisely and appropriately. Always have a few different oils so you can use the maximum benefits in an interchangeable way. For the sake of common sense and good scent and scent, essential oils are, of course, the best way to naturally improve our well-being.

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