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Aromatherapy: Tea Tree Oil Benefits

Tea Tree oil is becoming more and more popular popularity. It's been used for a long time in the aromatherapy industry, and the benefits of its health are taken over by many companies involved in their products.

What is Tea Tree Oil? The Latin name is Melaleuca alternifolia and comes from a tree. The Melaleuca trees come from Australia, though they are propagated in California. The common name is "tea tree" when British researchers are baking tea leaves. Antiseptic use has existed for centuries, but has only recently been studied scientifically (since 1929). The official & # 39; studying tea tree oil has led to increasing interest. Tea tree oil was provided by the Australian Army soldiers with first aid kits.

After harvest, the leaves of the tree are forced into a silent and pressed steam. The steam extracting the essential oils is cooled and the tea tree oil is separated from the water.

The reported benefits of tea tree oil include the following: antiseptic and antifungal properties. Antiseptic means it will kill bacteria, such as acne-causing causes. Tea tree oil is proven to be as effective as benzoyl peroxide in the control of acne, without the irritation and dryness of the skin so that the companies treat the treatment. An antifungal effect means you will kill the mushroom or the yeast powders. Tea tree oil used in shampoos regulates the bran as it removes this crease from the scalp.

If you've never felt pure tea tree oil, get yourself ready. Incredibly strong and smell of disinfectant. Some people enjoy the smell, but most people find it unhappy. However, tea tree can be mixed with other essential oils to work together and smear the smell. Tea tree oil is used for its medicinal properties – not its scent!

Tea tree oil can only be used on skin. Never be injected inside because it may be very toxic to the liver. If you use toothpaste with tea tree oil, take special care to avoid toothpaste and children not recommended. Although tea tree oil is cleanly used on the skin, it is best to dilute to prevent sensitivity.

Some home uses for tea tree oil:

Combine tea tree oil with aloe vera gel – 5% teaspoon and 95% aloe vera gel as an acne treatment. Apply to clean skin.

Disinfecting Spray: Mix 5% dilution of tea tree oil with abrasive alcohol. Load a spray bottle and use this mixture to disinfect and deodorize waste cans. You can also use this spray in the washing machine to prevent mold and mold.

For insect bites: Mix a 5% dilution with tea tree oil with aloe vera gel. Use this mixture to relieve faults or rashes. This also helps prevent infection.

The use of tea tree oil is almost infinite. As more studies are being done, the list of benefits for tea tree oil will continue to grow.

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