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Aromatherapy – The fragrant herbs of nature

We all know how smells are. Some flavorings are euphoric, others are soothing and some of the known odors give us time and feel nostalgic. The psychological and emotional effects of smell and the extraordinary importance of our smell are obvious. But did you know that these scents can be used to heal the body and create wealth? Aromatherapy is a known technique among healers from all over the world and from all civilizations

What do they know about not?

Like Color Therapy, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, and Energy Therapy, the purpose of aromatherapy is to activate the body's senses in healing. The goal is to eliminate the conditioned, logical and analytical mind, thereby activating the wonderful reality of "feeling" and experiencing it in the empirical and purest form. In this empirical state, we are able to break the illusions of separation and connect deeper to the energies around us. MD, Dr. Richard Gerber, author of vibrational medicine, argues that one of the best ways of doing our energy is to change dysfunctional patterns, giving therapeutic doses of frequency-specific energy. We use these herbs, crystals, sound and energy, also called vibrational medicines.

It is a general knowledge and practice that fragrance can affect the physical and psychological changes in living entities. We regularly experience our daily lives. When smelling an odor, it creates an instant feeling or feeling that is happy, excited, calm or even nostalgic. The aromatherapy practiced over the centuries by ancient Egyptians and the Vedic culture comes from India where plant extracts and herbs are still widely used.

The concept of aromatherapy was founded in 1937 by a French perfume and chemist named Rene-Maurice Gatterfosee. Aromatherapy is a holistic science using natural extracted essences to balance plants, harmonize and promote the body, mind and spirit. Through the conscious and controlled use of essential oils, we are able to achieve physical, emotional health and general well-being. As with other holistic practices, aromatherapy is always used to treat the "whole person" and not just to treat the symptom or illness. Essential oils are historically used many times, and various civilizations (Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, etc.) have many health-related applications. There are thousands of essays on essential oils today. We know that their efficacy is precisely judged by the very small molecules that can penetrate deeply and rapidly into our cells (transdermal delivery).

Smell is the most neglected in every sense of man. This is surprising if we take into account that seventy-seventy percent of us actually come from our smell. Neurons sensing the odor molecules are deeply in the nasal cavity, in the cell packing called smell. To understand that smell is humanly perceptible, it is important to know why there is a limbic system that allows us to behave differently if we experience different odors. The Limbic System is a complex system of neurons and networks in the brain that affects a number of areas that are located on the periphery of the brain, related to instinct and mood. This controls the simplest emotions (fear, joy, anger) and drivers (hunger, sex, dominance, caring for offspring). The very important aspect of odor is that odorless neurons form the only sensory path that is directly related to the brain. Thanks to the close relationship between the limbic center, emotions and emotions can of course be controlled as well as memory.

The application and application of aromatherapy in healing follows the same universal law as it vibrates at all different and specific frequencies. Each atom in the universe exhibits a vibrant or periodic movement. Most plants (and animals) use enzymes to break down the molecular components throughout their life cycle. Each of these enzymes has a unique crystalline form having a specific vibration frequency. The vibration frequency of the oil reflects the internal properties of these elements and the enzyme of the internal origin embodied in the material.

When using aromatherapy during healing treatments, vegetable oils should be applied at appropriate coupling frequencies. That's why they allow the physical body to absorb these energy vibrations and bring the body back to equilibrium and equilibrium. Essential oils do not resist the toxins in our body; nor resonate with negative emotions. This incompatibility is what naturally helps to remove toxins and toxic energy in our system. Aromatherapy, energetically speaking, can help us discover the forgotten traumas in our consciousness. Because we are able to face, deal with them, and let go of them. The therapeutic properties of this method produce exceptional vibrational cures that are able to cure or balance the body / soul / soul / spirit. Essential oils can be used regularly for body lotion, facial / body lotion and oils, baths, inhalation, diffusion and body energy.

It's very easy to integrate Aromatherapy into everyday life. You do not have to be a master of plants and herbs. Pick some. Learn about its energetic properties. Smell every oil. How do you feel? After you have lowered your list and manually selected your favorites, here are some DIY ideas:

  • Place some drops on a fabric and place it in the door of the machine. Enjoy aromatherapy wherever you go. No more time to enjoy the benefits of essential oils.
  • You can mix your favorite essential oils with coconut or jojoba oil (my favorites) and use them instead of regular perfumes.
  • Mix the essential oil with distilled water. Then use a spray bottle to spray air around the house. You can also spit on your favorite pillow and throw it.

Get creative! You are unique!

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