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Aromatherapy – the migraine pain exits

Aromatherapy primarily affects physical stress, mental and emotional anxiety, although it serves other conditions and serves as a supportive therapy. It aims to increase the general well-being of a person by inhalation, massage and bathing techniques. Inhalation and massage are performed using natural oil concentrates that are distilled.

Different oil-containing migraines are used. Diluted Solutions of Oils Used for Therapy

– Lavender and peppermint are used to cope with the migraine of the neck and shoulder muscles. Men are massaged into the neck, shoulders, and temples.

– Chamomile and lavender are used to treat menstrual migraines and migraines from emotional disturbances. The diluted essential oils are massaged on the sun and on the forehead. Then the volatile fumes of the oils are absorbed through the bath or any diffuser.

– Liver chamomile and chamomile essential oils are used for migraine routes from mental stress.

– Eucalyptus, basil and jasmine oils occur in migraine patients due to sinus conditions and physical and mental fatigue.

Below I have listed an aromatherapy dosing technique that can treat migraines. at home to create an essential oil compound that helps migraine. Choose from Lavender, Rosemary, Eucalyptus or Mint oil.

2. The choice should be made after understanding which flavor suits your symptoms.

3. Obviously do not choose the aroma that makes you restless or tense. Choose a soothing aroma.

4. Prepare a lukewarm / light bath in a tub.

5. Add 2 to 5 drops of desired essential oil and allow to mix with water.

6. Soak the vapor in the bath for 20-30 minutes and soak the oil through your skin.

7. Pat dry when done.

Check your local aromatherapy shop or pharmacy for various aromatherapy aromas and oils. Resources are also available on the Internet, where you can ask the aromatherapy consultants, the correct oil selection and how to apply. You can enjoy the rich offer of the spa and wellness center.

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