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Astro Analysis of eye problems and abnormalities

Eyes are the best gifts of our lives and play an important part in our lives. Our eyes are the most advanced electronic automatic camera. The eye pupil is open to adjust the focus; accordingly, the binding or release of the muscles of the eye allows the proper light to enter. Identifying colors and creating the right image in our heads. All processes are automatic. Now that the operation of the eye causes confusion for various reasons, it may cause temporary or permanent eye damage.

If you do not take the eye into account, illnesses with mild to poor treatment can cause loss of vision Astrophysical factors affecting vision:

2nd / 12th house : the zodiac rule 2 and 12 above the right and left eye. 19659002] Sun / Moon: Sun directs your right eye and Moon controls the left eye

Venus / Jupiter: Pisces. Therefore, if Jupiter and Venus are in the 6th / 8th / 12th house with the ascending gentleman, they can cause eye problems.

Optical Atrophy:

Damage to optical nerves from non-eye agencies such as syphilis, cerebral tumor, drug or chemical allergies, increased keratoses caused by degeneration of optical nerves and optical atrophy

  • Pain of the Sun and the Moon in the 2nd and 12th House and Mercury Serious Damage in Graph can cause optical atrophy of native.
  • Glaucoma:

    • This is a serious eye damage caused by increased or sudden pressure on the eye fluid from other parts. If this pressure is not relieved then the eyeball will be tough, damage the retina and the optical nerves and cause blindness
    • Sun and Moon in House 2/12 suffer from glaucoma suffered by Saturn / Rahu. ]


    • The eyes can focus on close objects, but distant vision is blurred. This point of view is also called a short-sightedness.
    • Tight day and moon can cause problems with Myopia. The patient can not distinguish between red and green
    • Venus is in severe pain, especially the Saturn and Penalty Taurus are also serious it can cause color problems to the indigenous. Cataract:

      • Due to the crystallization of the eyepieces or the capsule, the victim can not see the normal objects due to the lost opacity of the eyepieces.
      • Venus / Jupiter is in the 6th / 8th / 12th house, rising upward, and the Sun and the Moon are in 2nd / 12th House.
      • Mercury in House 2/12 can cause cataract problems.
      • The eyes are not properly aligned
      • The mother tongue born in the day and the combined moon and moon combined with the eighth house
      • The moon / Mars is ascending and Jupiter /
      • Mars placed in the 7th house The moon is located at the Leo sign and is placed in the 9th place with the Kos / Leo / Scorpio / Capricorn eyebrows.
      • Mars is located in the 7th place, the Cancer Signal and the 9th Lord of the Kos / Leo / Scorpio / Capricorn mark the boss-eyed native.
      • The moon and the sun mark the definite crossed eyes in House 2/12.
      • appear in the 6th / 12th house with an eyebrows

      Problem is only one:

      • All the bad guys in the sixth house give a weakness to the left eye every bad guy in the 8th place has a right eye.
      • Moon placed on the 2nd place and day 12 in the house is a problem with the left and right eyes [19659011] Mars placed in the 12th house causes the left eye problem causing Saturn's position in the 12th house to cause a better eye problem .
      • The Sun is placed in the ascending / 7th house and the natives inhabited by Saturn gradually lose sight of the right eye. Day in the ramp / Mars ascending / 7th house, in the state examined by Saturn, indicates the illness of the left eye.
      • Leo is rising and Moon occupied by Saturn and Mars sees the left eye.
      • The Sun and Saturn The 9th house, and without any charity, indicates that the native man left the crossed eyes, and Sun covered and Saturn replaced, and Mars frowned.
      • Sun. /
      • The sun and moon placed in the 2nd and the 8th floor mean that you are eyebrows.


      • Because of an infection, accident or degenerative ophthalmic illness, an indigenous person may lose complete vision temporarily or permanently.
      • Saturn suffered by Sun and Moon in House 2/12 and the pains of bull and fish may be blind. The second house is the connection between Saturn and Moon, and the connection of the 12th House to Saturn and Mars, the indigenous will be completely blind.
      • The Sun and the Moon, as well as Houses 2 and 12, Mars and Saturn may lose their eyes.
      • Mars, the Moon, Saturn and the Sun occupy the second, sixth, twelfth and eighth houses.
      • Adults, 2nd, 5th, 7th and 9th placed in the 6th / 8th / 12th place can give the natives stonewall.
      • Leo rising sun and moon combined with growing and Saturn and Mars see that the native will be stone blind from birth, but if the combination is seen by Saturn or Mars as native then it will be blind after birth.
      • Sun and Rahu ascending and arranged by Saturn and Mars
      • The grown-up day and the prince are born in the second, third, eighth, twelfth homes, blind from birth.
      • March 2 and Day 8 in Blessing 8th House [19659011] Moon 6 and Saturn in House 12 May Damage Eye Vision
      • Saturn, Mars, and Moon Lay Out 6 / 8 / 12th House Denotes Blindness
      • Mars is the 2nd and Sun Moon and the Moon on the 8th place house and Saturn is located on the 6th / 8th / 12th House Blindness Indicating
      • 2nd and 12th Venus and Ascending Lord in House 6/8/12 means that lost horizon has seen.
      • The moon in the 6th, 8th, and 12th homes and the united houses of Saturn and Mars have lost sight.
      • Moon is in 6th place, Sun is 8th, Mars is 2nd, and Saturn 12th House indicates that the eyeballs are lost to the Aboriginal.
        • Eyelid Blinking Causes Eyelids
        • Any Evil Planet in Second House Is Affected by All Beneficial Planet That Shows Blinking Eyes
        • Moon / Sun Leo ascending and aspected the planets are eyebrows.
        • Night blindness:

          • Native night or blurred light can not see
          • The rise of cannon 2, Venus and the moon ascending combination can cause night blindness [19659009] Venus and Mars in House 7, night blindness. Venus is located in the rising / eighth house, and the signs studied by the malignant planet show that there are constant tears from their eyes.
          • Lord 2 points to the redness of the eye in relation to or the sight of Mars
          • Rahu is the fifth
          • Saturn placed in the 4th house indicated by malignant ophthalmic problems
          • Mars and Rahu reveals eye problems with a rising edge.
          • The Debilitated Moon is located in houses 6 and 12, poorly
          • The moon is on day 2 in a horoscope and malignant ones.
          • The moon, which has no beneficial effect on the weakness of the age of 10, may cause eye problems
          • The graceful planets placed in the 4th and 5th houses and the moon
          • The Sun is Ascending or Mars resistant to vision.
          • Sun and Moon combined in the cancer / Leo, and observed by Mars and Saturn show weak eyes. [19659011] Day 9 and Day 9 together show a common ophthalmic abnormality.
          • Mars placed on Day 2 marks eye problems and if Mercury is placed in the 2nd place on the Sun, it indicates a sign in the eye.



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