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Awakening at the wheel – Natural aid from essential oils

If you have to be careful and watchful about the wheel, forget about coffee, coffee and more coffee. Researchers at the Wheeling Jesuit University show that essential oil Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum) (19459003) or peppermint (19459002) Mentha Piperita enhances alertness, reduces fatigue, anxiety and frustration.

To study the effects of these essential oils, 25 college students have smoked peppermint, cinnamon or odor control every 15 seconds under simulated driving conditions every 15 seconds.

Extended driving resulted in increased anger and fatigue and decreased vitality. The quality of essential oil, fatigue, anxiety and driving frustration has diminished considerably with the feeling of fragrance and the driver's vigilance has increased considerably.

Smell Cinnamon also comforted drivers and reduced their frustration. In addition, decreasing the cinnamon aroma at regular intervals, the "workload" values ​​associated with driving decreased.

With these results, you can reasonably expect that timeshare sniffing of peppermint or cinnamon essential oils can result in a vigilant and conscientious driver and minimize fatigue on long journeys.

There are infinite cases where this can be useful. A couple that I remembered would stay awake in the church during a dreadful sermon or stay awake during a performance or performance. Certainly, most people have the opportunity to have more vigilance. Using these essential oils is a safe, natural way to maintain vigilance.

However, be careful when using a bottle of cinnamon oil. It's very strong, so hold it a few inches out of your nose or sniff the cap. Otherwise it may be slightly overloaded.

While driving, take some drops of essential oil on a fabric, then tap the end of the fabric into the air conditioning opening and let the air blow off the fabric and disperse the entire car. This is similar to your own diffuser. Now everyone in the car can start off, and as a bonus, the air in the car is freshly refreshed.

I invite you to my website to learn more about essential oils.

This article is for information only and is not intended to diagnose or treat medical issues. The doctor's advice and care was recommended for health problems. Aromatherapy is intended for supplementary care with healthcare providers, not as an alternative to supply.

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