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Bed Prism Glasses – Comfortable Bedtime TV Watch

It is often surprising that sight, smell, or even sound, revokes the mind for something that many years before. This happened to me recently when I saw what I later learned about Bed Prisms glasses. They are also known as the reading glasses of the bed. These are the odd spectacles you can imagine. They mentioned me to a TV show I've seen for many years.

This TV show showed an experiment that was really amazing at the time. The experiment was to see how the human soul can adapt to everything you've seen INVERTED or upside down! Imagine. The sky will be down and the ground will be where the clouds will be.

It was not fast. "Try them for a few minutes of experiment, which included a brave volunteer who wore the craziest glasses for a few weeks during his awake hours in a few weeks, with mirrors that were made for a heavy visual frame and turned everything they saw upside down. they were cumbersome and cumbersome, but the "guinea pig" held out and held them when it was awakened for many days, as scientists demanded. After a few days it falls to things and falls and usually it is not very nice that the volunteer started without too much difficulty to move the world and do all he has done, his brain has been transformed into a new worldview, indeed he has "recycled" himself to cope with the new information he has received from his eyes The Brain is a Wonderful Thing

When the experiment successfully it's been done, the world's reversing glasses have been removed by the whimsical Unfortunately, things did not turn back in normal circumstances. In fact, he found that he was looking up all the time without the glasses. It took more time for the day to fit into normal vision again. This could be a very traumatic experience for him.

What this hoping, very useful and useful experiment was keeping in mind was a thing I have not seen before, but I thought it might be very useful under certain circumstances. There were glasses like those that turned the world upside down for the courageous volunteer, but they were much lighter and smaller, and used small prisms instead of heavy glass mirrors.

Why can you ask someone to volunteer to wear such "torture devices," not to mention, and buy a few? Well, it turns out that while the wearer does not do everything, she only turns ninety degrees down their views. So they can see straight ahead, not the horizon and everything in front of them, but their feet. I had to check that my shoelaces had still been done, I thought … But why were they actually? Their real purpose turns out to be much more practical and certainly more useful than their own trousers. They read a book or watch a TV while they lie down.

"Bed Prism Glasses" is called and, as the name implies, can be used for reading, watching TV and at bedtime. In this situation and on the head of a comfortable and natural angle, and not bent forward, you can read a book or watch the bedroom TV comfortably.

Prisms in glasses change the viewing angle by about 90 degrees. The book or TV will appear to the viewer to be directly above them and almost on the ceiling.

What a good idea. No more pain in the neck and fatigue. There is no more arm that can have a painful book, or perhaps a Kindle on his face. Wearing the Bed Prism glasses means that you are so uncomfortable watching the television until you are picking yourself up.

Reading a newspaper in the bed is also handy and more comfortable than sitting or lying down and keeping the newspaper over your head. It is almost impossible to stop it collapses and falls on your face, and reading is a new challenge. The bed must sit down to do this

For people who lie in bed or who spend a lot of time in bed for medical reasons, these embedded glasses are a real blessing. They allow the patient to watch TV or read books without causing the insurrection or keeping the book unpleasant.

So maybe these bizarre spectacle glasses are not that crazy. They certainly go to bed and watch TV while lying comfortably in bed, not only possible but also enjoyable experience.

But is the idea of ​​the "upside down" idea I do not know. But surely I am astonished.

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