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Benefits of aromatherapy

The use of fragrances extends to human well-being until prehistoric times. The oils and the incense have been used for centuries to nourish the nerves, cure wounds, reach the higher mental status, and attract the attention of deceased relatives.

Although modern science can not prove that aromatherapy brings back the dead, there is no doubt about the impact on human psyche. Everyday people feel they feel better by burning incense sticks, photographed candles and other ways to enjoy a wide range of available fragrances.

The concept of aromatherapy was created in 1928 when French chemist R. Gattefossé burned in a laboratory hand accident as an accident, and instinctively put in toilet oil to reduce the pain. He noticed that burns were healed very quickly and left almost no scarring. From then on he devoted his life to the healing benefits of essential oils.

Over the last decades, the physical healing power of aromatherapy has dragged slightly on the effects of the human mind. Some fragrances can reduce stress, others may help to reduce excessive depression. Lavendar, bergamot, roses and violets, for example, are said to get rid of nervousness. Peppermint makes you happy and so on.

We all know the power of smell in our minds. To meet someone for the first time in a place that can be stinking, you really do not like the person you see, even if the bad odor does not come from him. And if it is not the power that our nose is above our logic brain, we do not spend billions of dollars a year on perfume and eau de cologne.

If you see your daughter's wedding photo, you can remember the actual event that took place on that day, but you would return a drop of pink oil to the state of mind. You can experience the moment of happiness again and again.

So how do you use the healing power of aromatherapy? First you have to decide what you want to use. If tomorrow is an important exam, you probably need something that can nourish your nerves. Then the orange or coriander is a good choice. If a loved one has just died in your mourning, you can relax bergamot or jasmine.

Your local healthcare store should be able to help you choose the best scent for you.

The next thing to decide is what kind of dispersion mode you want to use. There are incense, essential oils and scented candles. Which one you use depends on you, though the oils are perhaps the widest of the three. The oils can be evaporated, rubbed on the skin, or placed in the bath, all at your own pace.

The third and final thing to do … well … take a deep breath on your nose and relax!

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