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Benefits of eyewitness exercises

When I was young, my eye doctor gave me a simple exercise to do a few times during the day. They asked me to keep a pen away from the eye … then counting ten, bringing them a few inches closer and counting ten times again.

This process continued as long as I did not buy the pen to the tip of my nose. During the practice, I had to emphasize that I tried to put it in front of my eyes to see the pen clearly, so it was just a picture at all distances.

According to the doctor, these simple tasks were prescribed to make the muscles healthy and toned. Slow semitism is often in a wink … common and very awkward problem! Eyeball movements, upward, right-to-left, as he saw the eastern dancers, is also a form of practicing the eye. Eye movements keep the eye muscles and so the eyeballs in place … all resemble the stretching exercises; they only have eyes! Doctors are right. Regular eye exercises help to move and contract the eye's muscles and thus remain healthy. This theory can be countered by the fact that our eyes, which are primarily placed and positioned on the eyeball, are not accredited for such strong contractual and training movements. You may have heard of a "lazy eye" syndrome that is due to the weakening of the eye's muscles.

Viewers and followers in practice think that if you physically "use" the eye muscles, that is, exercise them; you will not suffer from refractive visual faults, such as shortness of vision and distant vision. It is said that the chronic tension of the eye's muscles causes the eyeball to contract or stretch … which is the main cause of eye problems. Relief of chronic tension requires patience and regular exercise and is the only way to exercise eye muscles.

It is very important that your eyes are always well lubricated. This is a great way to blink, as the tears are in our upper eyelids and immediately moisten their eyes. One glimpse can be flashing for a moment, as it is an ophthalmic practice! Now let's take some simple eye exercises to help keep your eyes in shape.

* The first is a very common practice that sometimes we sometimes meet with. It's very similar to the featherwork I talked about at the beginning. To do this, drag E on a piece of paper. For the first time, concentrate on the top bar, then the lowest bar and finally the center. Repeat the exercise and every time you repeat it, hold the paper back a few feet. Continue until you see E on the paper.

* Another practice you can try to stretch out his hand and take the fingers of his fingers and note his movements. If you can not see it first, get your hands closer and try again. The advantage of this practice is to stimulate your eyes that help peripheral vision.

* The next is also very easy! You should have seen the back cover of the books … but it was too young to understand the benefits. First, close your eyes and imagine a circle in your mind. Then tie the circle to an oval shape and draw it around figure 8. Of course, you have to do everything in your mind, just think you have a pencil for the orrod! What stress should be put into practice is that you must follow all hands (and nose!) Move with your eyes! So concentrate!

* Play in the eye doctor and buy an eyeball that you have visited and read at every eye clinic. She looks at the table for a moment, when she is working or simply reads. You can even try other things; just do not concentrate hard on the particular object or word you are watching, but pay attention to the full circle. Do not be stunned by any word, but look at every word you read and try to note the construction of the whole sentence. This will help your eyes not to fix just one word at a time and thus loosen the eye muscles.

Take these eye exercises as a game. This will build your interest until you are regularly exercised. Gradually you will find that it will less tighten your eyes and at the same time increase the concentration powers too!

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