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Blurred vision and other signs Your eyes turn bad

Did you look at the computer screen and suddenly you blinked yourself? During the night driving, are the bright lights interfering with you? Do you feel that your vision is not what it was? Reading …

Vision is one of the most important sensory organs. We need it every awake hour. As technology and science progressed, we had a greater burden on our eyes. A few thousand years ago, you just had to see a good visibility to see the lion before looking at you. By inventing this writing, it was increasingly necessary to approach. Gradually, television and computers forced our eyes to look for intermediate distances in the long run. The appearance of black berries and smartphones has placed great emphasis on our eyes.

If you feel that you have a blurred vision, then the first step is to see whether it applies to one or both eyes. The simplest way to find this solution is by covering one eye at a time and looking at an object at a distance of 20 meters. Repeat the procedure with a 33 cm book or newspaper.

Next, see that blurry blur will disappear. If this happens, blurring is likely to occur with a dry eye. You can use everyday eye drops and use artificial tears for the disease.

If blurry persists, as if it has cataracts, glaucoma or retinal problems. Cataracts are confusing and difficult to read and bleed. Glaucoma may be associated with eye pain or headaches. You may not be able to see the periphery. Macular degeneration is influenced by the central vision; you can see a dark circle in front of your eyes. If you feel you have any of these, contact your doctor immediately. Medical insurance usually covers these conditions.

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