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Can you damage your eyes if you read too much? Another myth

I told a patient that he was afraid he would damage his eyes because he read too much. This is one of the common myths I hear. I always encourage your patients to ask questions, and if you have any doubts about being an exam to make sure you're ok.

Everyone under 40 years of age requires regular screening to exclude diseases at least every two years, and more frequently if they have family or personal eye problems. His eyes are not rubbing like tires. Too much reading can cause fatigue and headaches, but the eyeball can not be damaged. Of course, this assumes that there is no active eye disease that is untreated as a serious infection or inflammation. If you have an active illness, reading can cause the disease to worsen and damage, but not reading itself.

This patient thinks she reads too much and damages her healthy eyes. No, this can not happen. If your eyes feel tired, relax, but the injury does not occur if it does not stop. Headache, but no harm. These patients can not destroy their eyes because they read too much. Therefore, if we have no heads and feel, we are happy to read the contents of our heart without fear of injury. The eyes are not like excessively worn tires. Of course you always use common sense and if your vision is bad, you have severe pain or irritation you can see the ophthalmology.

Otherwise, read it until it falls.

Have fun!

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