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Cataract is not a surgical treatment – 7 natural treatments for cataracts

Are Katakakt looking for non-surgical treatment? In this article, they learn the popular cataract natural treatments and a miracle plant that can handle the 80 abnormalities including cataracts. I appreciate your time, so let's start.

Carrot – The most important to the natural handling of cataracts. You can eat carrots even daily or make fresh carrots twice a day.

Pumpkin Flowers – Doctors recommend pumpkin juice or extract. You can apply the mouth to your eyelids at least twice a day for 15 minutes a day. Some natural doctors recommend that you drop some drops of honey in your eyes.

Aniseed – This is one of the best natural treatments for cataracts. Each morning and evening, 6 grams of aniseed must be taken daily. You can also prepare a mixture of anise, corriander powder and brown sugar. We recommend the twelve grams dose.

Garlic – They only consume a few breakfast garlic breads every morning. Garlic juice helps get rid of the crystallization of the lens and suppresses opacity. You also get double benefits because it also helps garlic to improve the cardiovascular system.

Vegetable Salad – Raw Vegetable Salad is also effective for cataract treatment. Your eyes are revitalized by essential vitamins, especially vitamin A. The seeds of almonds and half a gram of pepper fill in the water. If you do not like the taste, just add the sugarcane.

The miracle plant manages the cataract

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