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Cataract surgery – Postoperative care

After cataract surgery, you can return home silently for two to three days. Do not lift heavy objects. Do not bend it. You can watch TV and continue your normal diet.

It's better to wear dark glasses for a week to protect your eyes, even if you sleep. Never rub your eyes. Do not allow the eyes to come into contact with water and soap. Never go swimming or shower until the incision does not heal.

You can go back to your office for desktop work. Take extra precautions to avoid eye contact with any dust or dirt. Avoid dusty atmosphere. Avoid driving at least one week after surgery.

Postoperative care means the use of medicines such as eye drops and regular use of ointment prescribed by a doctor. Clean your hands before taking any medicine. Always use sterilized strips to wipe drops from your eyes. Alternatively, we get surgical cotton and cut into small squares. Suppose the printer is ten minutes after the pressure builds. Then this cotton will be sterilized. Store it carefully and use it.

After a few days of surgery, you can see a wet eye. After cataract surgery our eyes may turn red. You should seek your doctor from the day after surgery. Immediately call a physician if you feel severe.

o Your vision suddenly blurs

o If the light suddenly flashes.

o If you see things floating

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