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Advantages of LASIK Eye Surgery

Lasik has been around for years and is a very safe and efficient process. Now, the 4th generation Intralase Laser, the 4th generation Visx laser, is being performed at the Lake Laser Eye Center. These combinations of lasers were approved by NASA astronauts and air force pilots. You don't have to worry about any blades […]

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Smoking, Eye Health and Relationships

We've all heard or seen a general warning from the surgeon about smoking: it causes lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, and can complicate pregnancy. But few know that it plays a significant and negative role in eye health. Recent studies have shown that smoking leads to age-related macular degeneration, the main cause of blindness in […]

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Eye Exercises for Eye Depth Detection

Eye exercises are natural solutions in the form of techniques that help correct vision problems and visibility. These techniques can improve the health of the visual system. These techniques can correct visual impairments such as eye strain, dry eye, computer vision syndrome, and many other visual problems and visions. In addition, they improve eye depth […]

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