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Chinese herbs and aromatherapy for infertility

There are many different causes of infertility for both men and women. In men, low sperm count is the primary source of infertility. This is due to constitutional and environmental factors. Chinese medicine can be used to increase circulation and body temperature, which can help improve sperm count. The same herbs that are used for this purpose can also improve male sexual performance and sexual performance. Many factors also play a role in female infertility. A common cause of infertility is ovarian obstruction, which prevents sperm and eggs from meeting. Polycystic ovarian disease may also interfere with the timely release of eggs. Other gynecological health problems may also cause infertility, such as endometriosis, salpingitis, inflammatory disease of the pelvis and chlamydia. Otherwise, there appear to be no structural or physical conditions that cause infertility. While Chinese medicine and aromatherapy cannot determine the physical factors that cause infertility (which requires diagnostic testing), they often deal with some sources of infertility after discovering the cause.

Chinese herbs, Leonurus (Yi Mu Cao) and Siegesbeckia (Xi Xian Cao), when used together, have shown that they open blocked fallopian tubes in clinical trials in China. Most women responded to treatment within 10 days. In these cases, blockages occurred due to thickening of the liner of the tubes, excessive secretion of the mucosa, partial occlusion of the scar tissue, inflammation or infection. One of the solutions, in combination with Chinese herbs, is the enzyme, serrapeptase. Serrapeptase breaks down scar tissue and cystic tissue in the body while promoting circulation.

A number of herbal and essential oils may be useful for women with polycystic ovarian disease. Saw palm berries are known to inhibit the production of the testosterone type of disease causing disease. Chasteberries can help reduce the tendency to develop ovarian cysts and help balance female hormones. Externally used cypress oil can also reduce the formation of cysts. Generally, women in this condition often need Damp Heat from the bottom burner in Chinese medicine. They often suffer from kidney disease and lower burners from Qi and blood stasis

For women whose mucous secretions kill their husband's sperm, they may be a condition for body overload and acidity that can be balanced by changes in diet and lifestyle and herbs and lifestyle. with essential oils. Changing the body's chemistry with holistic tools can increase the likelihood of conception

Many essential oils can help balance the hormonal and reproductive system of the woman while promoting fertility. Geranium, Sage, and Rose Essential Oil Nourish the Female System and Help it to Recover to Homeostasis

There are often no diagnoses or causes of infertility. In these cases, Chinese medicine can be extremely effective in balancing the harmony of a woman's mind, body and spirit, and is therefore more susceptible to conception.

. Certain herbs, such as xu duan (teasel root) and tuzhez (cuscuta), are traditionally used to discourage miscarriage and promote healthy pregnancy. Certain percentages of miscarriage are unimaginable (25%) because fetal genetic abnormalities are triggered, but in other cases, herbs may help to increase the likelihood of transmission of pregnancy for a total of nine months

see that many ways of Chinese medicine and aromatherapy can be used to improve a couple's chances of receiving a child while the woman is emotionally and physically preparing for conception and pregnancy.

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