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Cilantro Allergy – How to fight it is difficult to avoid food allergy

Cilantro is a spice that is usually used during cooking. In Europe and the rest of the world it is known as a coriander. The hairless and relatively short plant that is used all over the world – Asia, Latin America and the Indian subcontinent in local kitchens make a big use of this ingredient. It can even be used for medical purposes and can help with insomnia and anxiety. Unfortunately, more and more people experience adversely affecting the coriander in the form of tried and tested cilantro allergies

Diagnosing the Relationship between Symptoms and Cilantro Allergies

Of course, as in many other cases, coriander allergies naturally struggle to diagnose. First, a person can develop this allergy, so despite lifestyle changes, he may get painful or unpleasant symptoms he can not identify. In addition, coriander allergies often produce different different systems depending on the individual. For example, some people may break out during rash, others may take their food in vomiting, others may only irritate the itch and throat. Rare can rarely have serious consequences due to cilantro allergies – may require anaphylactic shock, requiring urgent medical intervention. Fortunately, it's pretty rare.

The best place to identify an allergy that is suspected of being a food, a food diary. This is the record of what he ate and all the abnormal reactions to it. Foods that share common ingredients can be identified over time and, if needed, by a specialist. The problem with coriander allergies is that cilantro or coriander is in a variety of foods and kitchens. However, the trial and error process usually identify the culprit component. Sometimes a skin-test is performed by a doctor to identify an offensive allergy.

Life goes on with Cilantro-Allergies

As with nuts, cilantro is present in a variety of foods, even in those that we can not count on. it contains it and thinks it is unnecessary. People suffering from coriander allergies should consider what they eat. This means examining the packaging of purchased foodstuffs. Also, if the food is cooked by other people, eg. in a restaurant you need a phone call before. If you experience severe reactions due to coriander allergies, it is advisable to avoid the facilities where you use coriander as no trace amounts visible on the clean sheet can be sufficient to cause a life-threatening condition

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