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Clear Vision Eyes – Restore with Easy Exercise Today

Recovering lost vision and an old book without glasses: "Every ophthalmologist of every experience knows that the theory of refractive errors is not appropriate to the observed facts."

So says WHBates, MD The Bates method with a right eye, without a spectacle, is a tested method of improving vision by a physician who originally and perfected .

This method was the way that shortly after my parents' home when I was 18, I walked down the street without my glass. After a few months I pushed them down to the ground and walked over them, never looking back.

Walking down the street I suddenly read one of these signs with the many movable black-white letters. It was very far from the sidewalk and I read the full signal and the small words. After reading, I quickly lost the sight and went to the sign, but excitedly … did I really read it? It was a while after, and I just stood until I was almost in the signal so I could read it again and understand that I read the mark very well.

It shocked my curiosity that I went to the library to find the answer to my sudden vision. When I went to the library, the librarian stood beside the card catalog. He knew exactly what book I needed when I told him what had happened to me, he knew the author's name and quickly found it to me.

Without the glasses, do the following:

  • Palming : Your fingers through your forehead relax your eyes with full darkness and with the palm of your palms around your eyes, sitting and your elbows resting on a table. Often
  • Sunshine: with eyelids closed and motion
  • Swinging : 100 times with standing legs with shoulders, full, arms resting only upper body
  • : 100 times, (19659008)
  • See a Friend daily, little familiar black letters on a white background, far
  • Look at something close : away away e) one direction f) on the other hand g) cross stitches
  • : keep the head up and down without moving fracture a) side to side b) up and down c) d) diagonally in the other direction e) Watch movie : close to the theater, scans back and forth
  • Be a passenger : in a moving vehicle and looks out the window


  • Drinking Water

This is a summary but not all I.

Relaxation always improves vision, effort always reduces. Rest time should be long enough and children (and many adults) need someone to watch and encourage them. Some people have to release the palm of your palms until their vision improves. They just can not relax and see in black in the beginning, and the tribe is growing. Most people are greatly helped by palms.

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