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Cloudy vision – vision blurred from one face

Overcast vision – blurred vision in one face – is this condition bothering you? You wonder what you might be seeing at a glance with your blurred vision? Wearing glasses or contact is a common solution that most people restore. But this can cure or prevent this condition – a subject of long debate.

Generally, this cloudy vision or blurred vision may occur as a result of migraine headaches; herpes infections, ear infections, vitamin deficiencies, hypertension, hypertension, sinus infection, and so on. In some cases, blurred vision may be better or worse than the sun. Blurred vision or cloudy eyes are also transient. some people may suddenly endure this condition for a few moments, a few hours or even days.

If it lasts for several days when we usually start dazzling. We have thought that cancer, tumors or eyelids or something more serious is this blurred vision. It is not uncommon for the eye specialist to say "There is nothing wrong with your eyes" and write the glasses or the contacts. Sometimes CT tests and tumor tests are also negative.

One of the things that ophthalmologists ignored is the examination of ocular herpes. Ocular herpes is known to have an effect on the non-sensitive areas of the eye. However, if this occurs in the middle of the eye, your vision is very vague and blurred. Generally, the affected vision is normal, eventually with certain scars that eventually disappear.

Eye-strengthening exercises of this kind can be very useful in recovering natural vision. Simple and natural eyes can keep this condition often several minutes a day.

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