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Contact Lenses, Advantages and Disadvantages

Contact Lens Correction

Contact lenses are very common in patients choosing the correct vision. There are several benefits to the glasses, but it can also cause problems.

Benefits include better vision for correction on the eye surface and overall vision.

There are a number of problems that may occur due to wear of contact lenses, so be careful to avoid them. Many doctors refer physicians to ophthalmologists to evaluate and manage lens problems.

How can contact lenses contact the eye?

Relationships may cause many problems in your eyes, but only a few common diagnoses can cause problems. Huge papillary conjunctivitis, keratopathy and ulceration are the three most problematic issues. Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis (GPC)

GPC is due to over-contact of contact lenses or too many hours per day or too many days in succession. Symptoms include itching, lenses being worn all day and removing the mucous membrane.

Excessive pacing may also cause problems with the cornea surface, where the upper layer of the cells is damaged. The ophthalmologist watches little inaccurate scratches on the cornea caused by reduced oxygen.


The risk of vision is corneal ulceration. In this case, the bacteria penetrate into the cornea and cause an infection that appears as a white patch. If it is not treated, this infection may cause infection and cause infection within the eyes.

How to prevent contact lenses?

The most important thing for patients to wear contact lenses. Although many lenses were designed and approved for nighttime wear for 2 to 4 weeks, most ophthalmologists recommended night-time removal and cleaning. One of the most common causes of contact lenses is overweight, and a major study has shown that nighttime wear is fourteen times more likely to cause ulcers than any other risk factor.

Are there safer alternatives to wearing contact lenses?

Of course, the glasses are the safest way to improve vision, without the risk of contact lenses. Because eyeglasses do not affect the eyes, they can not cause problems. On the other hand, as they are far from the eyes, vision is not as sharp as contact lenses. Sturdy or hard contact lenses are even better because they float on the surface of the eye, effectively compensating for rough spots, giving you the best vision.

Recent studies also show that LASIK has fewer risks than contact lenses, though surgery. More frequent contact lenses are infections, infections, and so on. Caused by LASIK.

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