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Corrective eye for Lazy Eye

Lazy Eye or Amblyopia is a condition in which one or both eyesight is reduced and should not be missed by other eye conditions, such as nearness or distantness and astigmatism. Amblyopia generally has two categories. Amblyopia and toxic amblyopia. The former occurs more often in young children whose eyes are not properly aligned, which is a condition called strabismus. To counteract the presence of dual vision, the brain prevents vision with one eye, while the other eye is all about work, so its name is lazy. Over time, stagnation or internal structure of atrophy, although the symptoms may not appear at all. Unfortunately, when symptoms appear, vision can be permanently impaired. There are some cases where the symptoms may be very obvious. The eyes may turn out or the eyes are not looking the same way.

The most important thing to treat illness is to immediately pay attention to correct eye retention. Corrective glasses can help repair. Staining forces lazy eyes, which in turn helps to develop binocular vision. Another treatment was effective with atropine eye drops. Every day you can put a drop on the good eye. This drop floods the eyesight with the good eye, which reinforces its visual abilities to the other. One of the advantages of drops is that it does not require constant vigilance, especially when dealing with a child who may be concerned about wearing a patch.

However, some people still take corrective surgery for treatment. The surgery is the best corrective treatment for amblyopic children who have basic physical problems, such as strabismus. Surgical interventions, such as Lasik surgery, may correct the muscular system, which primarily causes strabism. The end result is that eyes can focus and look better. Still, many doctors claim that eye surgery does not restore normal binocular vision, which is a brain-driven process. Each operation can be performed by placing the eye "normal or straighter", by cutting and moving the eyes. So if you can make a cosmetic repair, you may not be able to solve the underlying visual problems that have caused the lazy eye to come first. Surgery alone can not correct the brain's habit with a single eye. In order to really fix the problem, the brain needs to learn to use both eyes properly.

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