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Cross contamination and peanut allergy

Here's something you'll never hear from a person with hazelnut allergies, "sure there will be some hazel in the apricot!" In the United States, 150 deaths per year from peanut allergies and 1/3 of all peanut allergy sufferers will be fatal or fatal in their lives. The boy's mother, like this allergy, numbers are scary. So people ask yourself why this proportion is so high that everybody has to do it to avoid peanuts?

Cross Contamination

Many people who have this allergy and their families understand this is the real risk. A piece of hazelnuts of 1 / 200-1 / 1000 is sufficient to place a peanut allergy in anaphylactic shock

. But many restaurant workers, school and daytime staff, and other parents (sighs) know this. I do not blame them. I was not until I spent several hours on the subject. I did not know this after I went to the allergy, I got my son and I got a recipe for an Epi Pen. Nobody told me. In fact, I took my son to the buffet and gave him a chocolate chip cookie the week he was diagnosed! I remember thinking about myself, all you have to do is eat no peanut butter cookies. The chocolate chip is okay. Looking back, he committed two great crimes in the food allergy world: buffets and baked goods! The other is Asian food.

Why is this so dangerous?

There is no chef in the buffet who touched the food before receiving it, but hundreds of people come in contact with their meals. They carry their plates around them with some hazelnuts and some can fly into fried chicken. Also – pots. How many times have you been at the buffet and the potato spoon sitting in the green bean? This can be done with a hazelnut product. So, sadly, when a peanut allergy sufferers go to Vegas, they will pass the big buffets that Vegas is famous for! Well, maybe it will give them more time to lose more money and the other one knows Vegas.

Asian food – more people had reactions in Asian restaurants than anywhere else. I can not give a health reason. But do not worry. I'll show you the reasons you've been researching. The first is that Asian food uses a variety of foods to use peanut sauces or peanut products. Basically, many products are made on the back, containing hazelnuts. So its probabilities will be higher so that some people get food from peanut allergic people. Second, peanut allergy is virtually inaudible in Asia. So if you say a waiter in an Asian restaurant that you have peanut allergy, you do not necessarily understand the severity of your condition, leave your order, and do not tell the chef anything.

Bakeries – good, and you will say it is contaminated with peanuts and nuts. Bakeries are doing fudge and what's on top of the slice? Peanuts. Pastries use peanut butter cookies, peanut butter and fuding brownie and peanut butter in some chocolate recipes. So, if you have a hazel allergy, grab flour, sugar and eggs in your local supermarket and make your own cookies! Use your savings with an excessive pre-sale to rent a housekeeper to clean up the mess. Is not that fun any more?

Peanut allergic patients and their families must also learn to be high speed readers because we need to read all the labels we buy at the supermarket, even if we've bought them a hundred before! It's amazing what might be cross contaminated. The most interesting I found was fruitful meals. I always buy orchards for my son. They are usually safe foods. But once a friend visited me, she offered other orchard dishes and recommended us. My first instinct was simple to let my son do this. After all, this is FRUIT SNACKS. Safe, right? Well, the maternal sensations of the bionic hazel allergy kicked in and asked me to read the package before I left it. Probably said he was contaminated with peanuts.

Also, read the tags of things you've bought before. Companies change production processes, outsource their products, and complete their products into a whole range of products. Everybody want something? Well, they do not advertise, because most of the world is not really interested in making their favorite safe brand serpent now in the new extreme peanut-rocky road. So, it's up to you. Read the labels. Things are changing.

Okay, the odds are not 1: 1, that if you eat a food that can be contaminated, you'll have a reaction. Honestly they are low. But most of the deaths and deaths from peanut allergy come from people who took the chance. Why would we risk it? Death is not fun, not the hospital, if it's lucky enough to save you. And if you get that big hospital bill, you'll ask yourself, "This single cake is really worth the 10 hospital bills."

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