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Develop your vision while retaining the sharp mind

If you are looking for ways to improve your eyesight, you should not forget about your brain. Eyes are the organs that the brain monitors and monitors. They both play in a team. In this article you can read about the close relationship between the head and the eye, the most important factor that causes eye problems and how to deal with this bad guy.

When you come to the end of the article, you will know how to effectively improve your eyes and memory naturally.

The brain and the eye belong to a team

Although our head is the center of nerves and gives directions to organs around the body, there is no influence on the organs. There are good reasons for the eyes to be part of our hearts. Only when the eyes see the images clearly our brain can effectively gain material or written information. And only if the brain properly uses the eyes, the eyes are pretty well visible without having too much training. As is known, the strain is the main cause of eye disease. So, to improve our eyes, we need to educate the brain about how to quickly and effectively relax our eyes.

Do not put an end to our eyes.

Focusing hard on when our eyes lose focus or when the pictures do not care about us can cause unnecessary fractures to our eyes and remember what we find difficult to see. To maximize memory, you need to learn to concentrate things in a calm way. One effective way to relax our minds and eyes is to practice exercises.

Exhaling and Imaging

Numerous exercises are doing their work to rest our body and mind, for example, in basketball. But this practice can not be done at any time. The next practice that works great for relaxation can be done at any time and almost anywhere.

Sit comfortably on the table you love or lie down in the bed. Close your eyes. To breathe. Picture 5 in your head while exhaling. Imagine being able to clearly see the border and color. Do this until you empty the lungs. When you breathe again into nature, take number 4 and repeat the process. Always repeat again until the number 0 ends. If you practice better then it will be better. Keep in mind that nothing will work if you do not do it daily.

Now that you know what the brain and the eye are, how do they interact with each other, what is the cause of mental stress and eye strain and how to relax, your guide is to do what you learned in practice and persistently .

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