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Different relaxation therapies for dementia

Discovery of suffering from memory loss is very difficult. In fact, most people got agitated and panic when they realized they did not remember someone, something or somewhere. Their tension rises, so they are frustrated or angry, or even worse, isolating themselves.

In fact, for this reason, people with dementia must be calm and relaxed. And this can be done through different ways and strategies. This is a good starting point for those with dementia symptoms. If you notice that you panic, let it sit down and perform some breathing exercises to calm down. Let your nose breathe and ask them to feel their stomach. If they breathe so, we are sure that they take oxygen directly into their lungs, not a shallow breath that can only reach the top of the lungs. In figure 3, ask them to breathe. Slowly lower the air to a No. 5. Do this for 10 minutes a day or if you feel it is suppressed.

Visualization – Dementia patients are certainly trying to remember a certain visualization, so they need to be guided. This activity helps to reduce stress, increase confidence, and improve mood. Ask them to close their eyes and imagine a place to relax and feel relaxed like a cozy warm room or a quiet beach. Let them focus on what they see, smell and hear. Spend about 5 minutes to visualize the site, and then slowly encourage them to connect themselves to reality. Finally ask them to open their eyes.

Yoga and Tai Chi These activities are very beneficial to these patients because they are very holistic. They not only work efficiently on the body, but also help the body-body connection. They have a belief system and way of thinking that can be very useful to patients. Yoga contains a number of poses and sections. But away from it, it also teaches attention and breathing techniques. Tai Chi, on the other hand, has a belief system that surrounds the energy movement around the body.

Massage – Touch is considered a very effective therapy. Here, massage can be very useful for people with dementia. Some of the benefits offered by the therapy have a more favorable mood, decreased stress, rest and decrease in patients. agitated behavior.

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