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Diplopia, Double Vision, or Blurred Vision Treatment with Homeopathy

Diplopia is a condition for dual vision. This may happen for several reasons. This may be a chronic condition or an acute, transient condition. Maybe it started because your eyes were too tense and a good night's sleep would solve everything. Nowadays you have to face your eyes easily with so much computer work. Sometimes, however, this condition can lead to an acute condition such as flu or headache.

Despite being very worrying, look at the combination of other major symptoms and minor symptoms. . If you can list these symptoms and then adapt them to the strong culinary of a homeopathic medicine, it probably disappears with the other symptoms. Gelsemium's homeopathic medicine is a diplopia because it is one of the most important symptoms. And blurred vision. Especially if you have a headache.

Consider the other strong symptoms of the drug:

  • headache that starts from your neck or head and then radiates to your forehead
  • difficulty in your head and / or eyelid, the head is too heavy
  • blurred vision or double vision
  • numbness or heavy language [19659005] numbness or paralysis

If your full, acute symptom is the same as the one listed, your diplopia is likely to disappear as soon as the other symptoms, Gelsemium. Try to get a "feeling" for the symptomatic picture rather than looking for individual symptoms. If you can't do this, fit the three symptoms

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