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Do contact lenses make your vision worse?

Whether using new glasses or glasses, you can consider switching to corrective contact lenses throughout your life. Contact lenses offer comfort in many ways and are aesthetically pleasing. Regardless of your motivation, you may be able to choose contact lenses as an option if you are diagnosed or suffering from any of the following conditions:

o Myopia (shortsighted)

o Hyperopia (Visibility)

o Astigmatism (Distorted Vision)

o Presbyopia (bifocal need)

If using corrective contact lenses, only qualified specialist ophthalmologist should be supervised by an ophthalmologist or contact lenses specialist. You should be prepared before you go into ophthalmic treatment because you are aware of the different types of contact lenses available on the market. This will help you to choose the right prescription contact lenses you need. The widely available link types are:

o Rigid gas permeable contact lenses (RGPs)

o Soft contact lenses

o Expanded contact lenses

Disposable Contact Lenses

Do your vision worsen when you start wearing contact lenses?

Many who wear correction contact lenses to improve their vision problems have expressed concern about simply using contact lenses. You may have heard stories or rumors or just worry about putting a foreign object in their eyes. First, contact lenses should only be worn with eye specialist, ophthalmologist or contact lenses. Corrective lenses can only be prescribed after proper eye examination and diagnosis: myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or presbyopia. The involvement of a specialist from the outset will ensure that ophthalmic care is adequate, appropriate and safe.

The answer NO!

According to ophthalmologists, the correction contact lens prescription will not be worse seeing your vision problems. Many times, when a person first tries to contact lenses, there will be a correction period. Initially, contact lenses are a bit uncomfortable and weird. If you wear regular goggles, you may be surprised that your peripheral vision is much better than contact lenses. In any case, if you try to contact lenses first when diagnosed with vision problems or trying to try it at any time after using your glasses, visual improvement may be extraordinary. This wonderful improvement allows you to see your eyesight without getting the connections much worse than you actually are, especially for longer periods of time that your eyes are accustomed to them.

This phenomenon is simply due to the fact that the brain now has a reference point for direct comparison of two images: with the first correction lens, the latter without it. Prior to that, there was nothing to do for a real comparison. For this reason, vision did not seem so blurred and blurred when it really was.

The point is that with due diligence and use; contact lenses do not negatively affect your vision. Use of corrective contact lenses to help minimize eye damage by contact lenses specialist

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