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Do not make and do not get allergic skin

Over 80 percent of people experience skin rash that some skin care products cause allergic reactions. Some are not those who need to be aware of skin allergies.

  • Do:
  • Avoid using skin protection products containing preservatives, fragrances, formaldehyde or propylene glycol
  • Try diluted olive oil as a moisturizing agent
  • Use a chemical free sunblock / sx filter
  • if an independent administration test does not identify offensive products
  • No:

    • Discontinue the possibility of skin skin rashes other than skin care
    • Suppose hypoallergenic products do not react. You may still have ingredients that you are allergic to
    • Remove the word "scent-free" with a face value. Check the list of ingredients in the product to make sure it contains a masking scent
    • Touch your face, especially your eyes, until the nail polish is completely dry. The more polish you use, the more drying time your nail needs.
    • You begin to use a product that you still suspect is that the skin is overturned. Allergic reactions are not the first time you use the product and do not want to hit the road for a week or a month.

    It is the best rule, especially if you have allergic skin contact with your dermatologist and never try new things, especially for skin care products. Always try a small amount of product on your skin and leave it for a while to see if there is no allergic reaction, read the product labels and list of ingredients.

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