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Do you know how to use reflexology for better vision?

Our eyes are truly a gift of God. Only those who have been denied the gift of vision or those who have lost it really understand its significance.

Reflexology helped a lot of people in various stages of blindness. It can not harm you and you always have the benefit even if it does not provide a perfect vision for a person. Reflex massage is always relaxed, no matter what you use, and it's good on its own.

With reflex massage you can also bring more beauty to the eye. for the strengthening of your eyes

Two of the most important organs for the normal functioning of the eyes are the kidneys.

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for eye reflex massage of the right visual

Now the massages reflexes near the eyes many eye problems to correct. If the eye is close to the muscles, the eyeball may wake up, distort this shape, and cut off the circulation close and far. Narrow eyelids sometimes cause friction on the eyeball, which may lead to the formation of synapses . If the eye muscles in the back of the eye are tight, drainage channels are tightly closed and not properly discharged. This can cause fluid accumulation leading to the development of glaucoma .

To loosen the eye's muscles, take your middle fingers and massage the reflexes under both eyes. Push it as it passes through and feel the tight muscles. If you find that your muscle is tight, you will probably find a hard spot or you will feel that the muscles will slip under your fingers. When the eyes are stimulated by reflexes, they immediately renew energy and life to their eyes.

Do not do this very often first. If your eyes got more, you might get a terrible headache. Do this just after the first day and then increase it by feeling that it is true of other eye reflexes and eye exercises that I will give you later.

Move to the bones on the top of the eyes and repeat the procedure. It may be easier to use your thumb for this position. Work in the muscles and not with them when doing this massage.

Take your middle finger or thumb and work on the muscles at the top of the nose, starting deep in the clenched eye. You will probably find this very bargain, but remember our moto. "If it hurts, rub it off." Put it on both eyes, then the eyebrows over the muscles on his forehead. If you experience a hard core or narrow band, you will know that you find tight muscles that can limit the flow of electrical energy through reflexes. It is likely to be rather gentle because the vital life-cycle circulation is hindered by these hard or gentle areas.

Massage of these reflexes around the eye can help prostrate eyes, light or sensitive eyes, muscle tension eyes.

Please try this question and you will be surprised at how much you feel better.

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