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Does the eye get worse with age or can it prevent it?

Most people think that vision will inevitably worsen with age, there is nothing to her. But many studies have shown that vision deterioration is often caused by eye tension and stress. Aging itself does not automatically mean deterioration. The main reason seems to be the accumulated strain and stress that the visual system. So, vision is deteriorating with age. If nothing happens to preserve its youthfulness and flexibility. But the decline is not inevitable and not irreversible.

General problem is presbyopia. This occurs when the eyepiece begins to lose its elasticity. This makes it harder to focus on close objects, which makes it difficult to read and execute other tasks that require close vision. The main cause of the deterioration of the eye's ability to focus is the accumulated twitch.

Presbyopia and other vision problems can be prevented by simple eye exercises. One of the main goals of exercises is to reduce stress on eyes. As mentioned earlier, the lack of vision is often a consequence of accumulated strain and stress, not in the elderly. This means that your eyesight is regularly reduced by the elasticity and youthfulness of the visual system.

At the end of the nineteenth century, William Bates ophthalmologist began researching natural eye care. He came to the conclusion that most vision problems were caused by the usual fracture and he thought the eyewear was not necessary. After several years of research and testing, Dr. Bates has developed a number of practices designed to improve vision.

Nowadays, Bates' methods have improved, and complete programs have been developed that naturally improve vision. With regard to laser treatment costs and potential risks, eye exercises can be a viable alternative. Otherwise you use glasses throughout your life.

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