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Does your car cause allergies and symptoms?

Most people do not think their car can be responsible for allergies and symptoms. With longer journeys and express traffic, many people are forced to spend hours in the car. Cars are treated the same way as our home, we eat in it, pet animals are hiking, things go out, and some smoke from them.

Even worse is the car that is often subject to more abuse than your home. If something goes wrong in the car, cleaning is often a half-hearted, open invitation to mold. Pets leave the window behind windows, open or ventilated. Carpets in cars are also magnets that can lead to dust, dirt, drip and other allergens that can cause allergies and symptoms. Cars pay less attention to cleaning and many areas below the seat can not be in the vacuum. Most cars are made up of many synthetic materials. Some of these substances may cause an allergic reaction to those who may be sensitive to them. Most automakers have not really considered allergies in designing cars until recently.

The European Allergy Research Foundation has recently won Ford after Seal of Quality. Six Ford models received the seal; Ka, Focus, C-MAX, Mondeo, S-MAX and Galaxy. Ford became the first carmaker to receive the award. Most of the credit is made for internal materials designed to reduce allergies and symptoms to the lowest possible level.

Perhaps other car manufacturers may now follow and designers are producing cars that cause lesser allergies and symptoms. It is worth taking into account all the allergy problems in the car during the next cleaning.

  • Published On : 4 years ago on March 27, 2018
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