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Dog Hair loss may occur without itching or scratching

In dogs, hair loss is a natural occurrence, although other factors may be caused by mites and allergies. The tell tale mark is your dog constantly scratching to relieve irritation – for example, skin condition. It is a sign that something disturbs her. That said – there are circumstances that are manifested without scratching, so be warned. Let's look at.

Localized Demodectic Mange is not associated with itching and scratching. Young puppies are suspicious for the first two months of their lives and may appear in the face and first legs. Handle it quickly to avoid full demodic treatment and spread.

If your dog is a Ringworm, it may cause hair loss without the dog scratching the affected area. This may be a virulent condition and can spread easily so fast action and treatment is needed if you suspect your dog is infected.

Another condition with which scratching is usually not associated is Alopecia Areata. This attacks the follicles causing the hair to spill. It can be lost or, in severe cases, the loss is permanent.

We now know that while scratching can cause hair loss in your dog and tells you something wrong with your dog, you should be vigilant about other health problems that are there that manifests in different ways.

As a responsible dog owner, aware of the importance of fast diagnosis and treatment of suspicious health problems by a veterinarian. The conditions stated are, of course, no exception.

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