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Dry eye care – Do not let it be untreated

Your eyes must be covered with moisture to work properly. It is easy to compare our eyes and that the lubricant has to put the eyeball into the engine, where a lubricant (usually oil) is used to make the moving parts work properly. Since we know that a motor is required to perform parts without lubricating, it only takes a short time before the non-lubricating moving parts are exposed to wear. In situations where our eyes do not have enough lubricants, the condition is known as "Dry Eye".

Dry eye or dry eye syndrome, as is commonly known, is a disorder that occurs when the person suffering from the eye has no proper lubricant formation. Generally, the lubricant is in the form of tears and the dry eye is in a condition that the body does not produce enough tear to lubricate and loosen the eye. This condition is more senior. In America alone, 30 to 40 million people suffer from dry eye syndrome. Approximately three-quarters of the sufferers are in mild cases, although many of the remaining 10 million suffer from severe cases of severe cases.

One of the most important aspects of dry eye surgery is that the sufferer understands the symptoms associated with the condition and correctly solves the problem. As a guide, most people who suffer from this problem usually experience persistent pacing, eyes hurt and burning sensation and an eye-catching sensation around the eyes and around the eyes.

If you suffer from this condition, it is important that you take part in the ophthalmologist as soon as possible, as if the eyes are untreated, there are likely to be more serious problems in the future. These serious symptoms may include scarring, corneal infection, and the most serious cases of permanent vision loss. It is extremely important to treat dry eye syndrome as failure to do so may have serious consequences.

Preventive Proposals

Dry eye care begins with preventive measures to ensure proper moisture in the eyes. If you have noticed that your eyes are completely absent from moisture, we recommend that you take steps to avoid using hair dryers, using the glasses from the wind to the wind, the extremely warm rooms and, of course, the smoking. Other preventive measures include wearing glasses instead of contact lenses, at night by using a man's tear-off ointment in front of the mattress and using humidifiers in heated rooms.

Dry to wet

If dry eye syndrome is unlikely, dry eye conditions should also include treating the eyes with formulated eye drops. Many effective eye drops are available on the counter and do not require medical prescription. Essentially these drops are fake tears. Currently, they seek to develop a number of scientific research to develop more advanced treatments to treat this eye condition.

In more serious cases, the eye cornea is terribly irritated. In some of these situations, anti-inflammatory agents are encouraged to overcome the condition. Effective dry eye care only for short-term use includes local steroids such as eye drops. However, it is not recommended to use these compounds over a longer period of time due to known side effects.

During modern treatment, researchers are trying to find out how to limit the amount of grains instead of just covering the surface of the eye. Several methods have been developed to reduce the condition of the dry eye, including a method where a doctor tries to close the channels from the eye to the nose. Another method involves the use of very small plugs to control the flow rate and amount of tears flowing out of the eyes.

So, if you think you are suffering from a syndrome and need a dry eye care, contact your doctor for advice on preventive measures and an effective health check.

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