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Eagle's eye on chicken allergy

Lisa was on one of her dear officemates birthday parties. He did not like early participation, which is 23 years old. As a child he was not really his friends, neighbors, and relatives.

No, do not get me wrong. Not that Lisa is practically and virtually unrelated. Very friendly and very distant. Lisa admits she was afraid of taking part in parties, especially in the party of children, when she was still a kid.

Lisa's deep dark secret. Do not be fooled again. This girl is not a person who judges her. Lisa has chicken allergies. This means you can never take chicken meat because of side effects when you do this.

So this explains why he does not like parties, especially when he was a kid. Most childrens parties take care of fast food or serve, and one of the most popular meals of chicken meat.

This is because more people love chicken than any other, because they believe it is less fat. Besides this, one is about more flexible meat. Chicken allergy

If the symptoms are explained later, chicken allergy is positive. Note that chicken allergy is somewhat similar to other meats.

Just like allergic people to pork and beef, there are some who are allergic to chicken meat. Some people are allergic to chicken but are not allergic to chicken eggs. There are those who are allergic to both.

In the United States, statistics show that 0.6-5% of reported food allergies are formally chicken meat allergies. Chicken meat allergy manifestation The most common and most common manifestation or symptom of chicken allergy is frequent infections such as ear infections and bladder infections; asthma attack; urination into bed; eczema; skin rashes; acne; unusual fatigue; insomnia; migraine; depression and chronic disorder in the gastrointestinal tract.

Some people with chicken allergies even develop sinusitis, which is somewhat unusual, if not really in history. Hives and joint pains also occur.

Chicken meat allergy symptoms occur or appear within minutes. For some people, the reaction may surface for at least ten minutes while others may be slow and prolonged for up to 24 to 48 hours.

Chicken Allergy Treatment and Prevention

Chicken meat contains allergenic or allergy-producing substances called purines. These substances primarily refer to the appearance of several other diseases, such as gout. The wounds are characterized by kidney stones or ocean formation.

Purines in chicken meat accumulate in the body to accumulate uric acid, which may lead to kidney stones.

So if chicken allergy symptoms occur, it is important that you consult your doctor immediately or consult your physician. This would prevent further illnesses or illnesses.

Your doctor should prescribe a number of medicines to treat or reduce chicken allergy.

The best prevention would be to avoid the consumption of chicken meat. Allergies to substances, we must remember that it is not cured, but can only be cured.

There are many other meat that can taste better than chicken, right?

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