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Essential oils – 19 "magical" plants for killing

Some plants have long been in contact with magic or clarity and used as magic for evil

Anyone who read Harry Potter novels can justify the strange plant processing of the novel for artificial purposes. But in real life, yes, some plants have a history of magic. Rosemary is such a plant. In Europe, the pink rosemary placed on the pillow was thought to prevent nightmares. It was thought that the twigs placed over the doorway would ward off the witches. European medieval history is full of stories about the evils of evil spirits and witches. Paranoia, based on ignorance and religious zeal, existed throughout the Middle Ages

Here are some examples of "magical plants": the oil used for ritual cleaning after causing something "unclean" to touch.

The German Chamomile was considered by the Egyptians, the Moons, and the Saxons as a sacred plant. Romans respected Clary Sage as herba sacra or "holy herb" because of its euphoric qualities. The coffin was thought to protect the evil spirits and spells of witches. They got the twigs of the fennel over the doors to prevent the evil.

Galbanum was regarded as spiritually uplifting. Used to protect against bishops and to overcome evil spirits.

Juniper used the witches in the Middle Ages.

Marjoram was considered a burial herb to bring spiritual peace to the deceased. Melissa or Lemon Balm was considered to be an elixir of life and used to treat anxiety and disease related to the heart or emotional anxiety, melancholy, and vitality and revitalization of the vital spirit.

Mugwort was associated with superstition and witchcraft in the Middle Ages and was a defense against evil and danger. [1] Myrrh is one of the oldest spiritual oils that man knew was gods used to be a symbol of immortality and religious ceremonies. Palo Santo was known as a Latin American history of history as a spiritual oil to purify and purify the negative energies of the air.

Sage is used by native peoples to help cleanse the aura of negativity. Sandalwood is one of the oldest oil that is due to its spiritual qualities and prayer and meditation. This is also an aphrodisiac. Spikenard among the rulers of grace and great novices belonged to the sacred chrisms in the mystery schools.

Lakatos Indians used Black Pine to strengthen the ability to communicate with the Great Spirit. They thought the lucerne had a good prosperity. Timothy associated with "courage". The Roman soldiers were bathed in thyme before they migrated into battle, and in the Middle Ages, Thyme fibers reintroduced courage in knights heading into crusades.

In the Middle Ages ] they cut a black-handed knife in the moonlight, repeat the mystic words, then took them home, placed in the proper flock and placed in the pillow "that the young highland girls dream their true love!"

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