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Essential oils – Ancient Romans use Essential Oils for Everything

Romans are much richer in the use of oils and perfumes than Egyptians or Greeks. It was known from the Romans that not only the goods and their possessions, but also knowledge were taken from other peoples. The Romans never wrote any medical text, but borrowed everything from the Greeks. If the Greeks used aromatic essential oils to cure the body – so did the Romans. If the Greeks used oils in their church – even the Romans. If the Greeks smelled the public baths, the Romans improved this concept as they were heated baths scented by lavender flowers taken daily by the slaves. In other words, they copied what the intellectuals of Greece did, and then they were taken to the extremists. History shows that Romans smoked their temples and political buildings with fragrant oils and claim that their soldiers used aromatic oils for themselves before they fought to strengthen their courage.

The Romans used three types of perfume: solid scents, scented oils and powdered perfumes to smell their hair, body, clothing, and bed. Solid creams include rosy (19459004), which is pinkish and narcissus, from narcissus flowers. Among the most commonly used fragrance oils are honey, calamus, cinnamon, mirh and saffron, and calamus, cistus, cardamom, melissa, spikenard and sardinia . These mixtures were very expensive and only the rich could afford it. They are what today is called "signature perfume".

The unnecessary height is shown in the report that the Roman emperor Nero ordered a full year of burning incense on his wife at Sabina Poppae's funeral. An entire fleet was used exclusively to carry the Arabian veil to Rome. It obviously meant a lot to Nero, as the cost of such extravagances would be amazing in today's economies. To learn more about Roman society and how to use essential oils, he asks you to take part in an aromatherapy program that teaches about the Romans and other ancient peoples such as Egyptians, Greeks and Arabs

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