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Essential oils and aromatherapy for intimacy enhancement

Cleopatra used jasmine essential oil and milk – what do you use?

Many people from historical ages and many other places want to improve their sex life and have more desire for the opposite sex. Aromatherapy and essential oils occupy an honorable place and can provide a lot of help in boosting sexual desire and restoring intimate harmony between couples. It also helps those who suffer from impotence.

The most promising essential oils are Rose Oil and Orange Blossom Oil. However, other oils are also used, depending on the issue.

Rose Essential Oil – An Effect of Sperm Production and Stimulate and Increase Sexual Desire

Orange Blossom Essential Oil — An Aphrodisiac Even

Essential Oil Borsment – Used in Russia to Prevent Early Ejaculation in Men

Ginger Essential Oil – Improves blood circulation to the penis and helps stimulate female genital organs [19659002] Sexual desire is a reaction that comes from the body's hormonal and emotional systems and can change in all of us. Reduced sexual desire has many causes, such as stress, diet, and so on. Impotence, illness, medication (prescription and banned), depression and anxiety may also be a cause for lower sexual drive.

to work on the hormonal system and raise sexual desire. In addition to the aforementioned two, Lavender, Patchouli, Jasmine and Canga Odorata also have properties that increase libido. Cardamom and black pepper oils are also useful, especially for treating impotence as they increase circulation. It is important to note that the oils are not applied directly to the genitals. It is always recommended that a consumer consult a skilled aromatherapist before purchasing or using essential oils.

There are also herbs that can help improve sexual excitement. Some help increase your desire and some help in physiological processes, such as improving blood flow and reducing tension and anxiety. The most famous herbs are Jasmine, which has brain-indicating effect that can help stimulate relaxation and romance, and Canga Odorata flowers are useful for boosting sexual excitement. In Indonesia, herbal flowers are placed on the beds of newly married couples.

The correct and correct use of the above-mentioned essential oils is to mix small amounts of recommended oil with carrier oils, such as almond oil or sesame oil. Small amounts of 2 drops of recommended essential oils in a 3oz bottle. the carrier oil. Use this oil to gently massage your partner. Touching helps to explain the feeling of mind and pleasure. It is also recommended that you work on the feet first because you contact us with masculine and feminine sexual desires.

Essential oils can also get through fragrance routes to stimulate the brain. Five drops of the above oils can be diffused as an oil blender with additional benefits.

It is important that you do not have any basic illnesses before using any essential essential oil.

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