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Essential oils and aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is very close to herbal therapy Ayurveda (19459002) Ayurveda Medicine is an ancient Hindu health system native to the Indian subcontinent. In other words, aromatherapy is the branch of plant medicine and ayurvedic medicine. In Ayurveda we use various herbs, extracts and combinations of them to treat a given health problem. Likewise, during the aromatherapy treatment, essential oils extracted from these plants are used. Aromatherapy is becoming easier to practice than ayurveda gives herbal therapies because essential oils have more effect on herbs. They inhale the skin because they are the derived plant material soul (Phytohormone).

A breakthrough towards chemistry – Essential oil is basically a plant material grown in specific areas of crop production. Plant Phytohormone (19459007) Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) Plant. They work the same job in the plant as animal hormones in the human body. Essential oils in the plant act as bactericides, they help the photosynthesis, the agents that repel the pests and help cross-contamination. The characteristic smell of the plant comes from essential oil. In other words, essential oils are responsible for the scent of plant material. The odor is designed to attract insects that deliver pollen from other seeds. After the plant is puddled, it smells the scent and absorbs the essential oils again into the plant to serve other purposes.

Essential oils are well soluble in alcohols and fats. They are very volatile and aromatic. Essential oils can be obtained from plants in many ways. The most commonly used method is steam distillation. In this method, the plants are boiled with water, then steam is condensed into the receiver, and the volatile oil is separated by a special device. The oils are also extracted with a solvent and can also be prepared by pressing the plant at a certain pressure. Due to the tendency to oil to fat, two methods of extracting fat are used. The first is Enfleurage in which vegetable matter is heated by hot fats to solidify at room temperature where the oils are absorbed. The second one is Maceration (Hot Enfleurage), where plants are washed in hot grease.

Essential oils have four basic properties that can be used in skin care:

  1. Germs.
  2. They are stimulating or comforting.
  3. They Enter
  4. They contain Phytohormon.
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