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Essential Oils – Are There Sacred Fragrances in Our Judeo-Christian Heritage?

It is believed by many that this 'odor of sanctity' signals the presence of the Divine and prepares us for communicating the desires of our hearts. Certain fragrances were considered sacred by many cultures in antiquity as rendering us "holy to God." The 'odor of sanctity' also denotes the "smell of sanctity" The odor of sanctity also denotes especially holy individuals-those elevated to some higher level of existence closer to the Divine. Many Christian, Hindu and Jewish saints (holy persons) exuded these sweet smelling fragrances. Mystics exudes an odor similar to rose or other sweet smelling floral fragrances when meditating.

Shamans, medicine men and women use aromatics and drugs to open up to the spiritual realm. Many of their 'magical herbs' or oils are dangerous if not properly used. They use herbs and aromatics for healing purposes. Some of these aromatics were for inhalation similar to inhaling hallucinogens. Medicinal plants and aromatics were thus used to open the doors of perception or gain access to the realm of the spirit world. This journey was considered vital for the success of the healing operation as well as for the personal safety of the shaman acting on behalf of the sick person.

It is a long, convoluted history of why Christianity has let go of "Sacred Fragrances." Some denominations like the Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Eastern Orthodox churches still use incense in their worship but most Protestant churches let go of this in the 1500s as unnecessary to reach God.

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