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Essential oils can affect brainwave patterns?

What are the patterns of the four brain waves? Beta level of saying and thinking. At this level we physically control our senses. This is the momentary consciousness. Beta brain waves occur between 14 and 30 Hz, but intense mental activity can reach 50 Hz. This is when we reach the very calm state. Dreams are usually at this level, and this is most sensitive to creative work and presentation. Alpha brain waves occur between 8 and 13 Hz and are usually found when a person is awake in a relaxed state of rest. These brain waves disappear completely during sleep. Theta – We are never at this level of consciousness – this is a deep dream. Theta brain waves occur between 4 and 7 Hz and are mostly found in children but may occur in adults during emotional stress and in particularly disappointed or frustrated conditions. [Delta -Delta brain waves are under 3.5 under Hz and these samples are seen at normal deep sleep, infant and severe brain diseases and occur only in the cortex. Infants in the womb are on the consciousness level of the Delta. Adults can also reach this level during deep sleep or anesthesia.

Aromatherapy can affect brainwave patterns? Dr John Steele, Ph.D., Sherman Oaks, California, and Robert Tisserand, London, England, in the field of aromatherapy, have studied the effects of brainwave patterns when essential oils are inhaled or smelted. Their results show that oils such as orange, jasmine and rose are soothing, and brain waves cause a rhythm of unrest and well-being. Similarly, so-called "stimulating" oils – basil, black pepper, rosemary and cardamom – work with increased energy responses

The brainwave that most affects the mind and therefore emotions

Relaxing oils, such as roman chamomile, bitter orange, bergamot, lavender and melissa, can help the brain to enter the alpha form and to accept positive thoughts and images and visuals more easily. What oils are capable of recalling the beta-dominant patterns in attracting attention and alertness? Basil, rosemary, black pepper and cardamom.

What oils are capable of recalling Alpha, or even Theta and Delta-the tranquility of spiritual chatter and mind reverie? Orange flower (neroli), jasmine and rose

Want to know more about essential oils and how they can help us in a healthy life? Consider becoming a certified clinical aromatherapy therapist. The Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy Institute teaches classes in the United States for aromatherapy and energy conservation.

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