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Essential oils can help pregnant women with morning sickness?

Morning sickness occurs in 50-80% of pregnant women. Most cases of gestational pregnancy are in weeks 4 and 6 of pregnancy, 14 to 16 weeks. Although this is a "morning sickness", this problem may occur every day at any time. Unfortunately, some women will have breakfast through their pregnancy.

Nobody knows for sure what causes this illness, but current theories say that the combination of rapid changes in pregnant women plays a major role in restlessness. It appears that the rapid growth of hCG (pregnancy hormone) and estrogen plays a role in the appearance of morning sickness. Once hCG rises to a certain level, the symptoms begin. Many women are starting to start from the moment when the hCG level begins to decrease.

Another change during pregnancy is the increased sense of taste and smell. The odors and flavors that once attracted have a whole new impact and become very negligible and can put a strain on the bathroom. It is thought that the growth of estrogen is responsible for this change. It is also assumed that women with weak stomach or tendency to stress, disease, birth control pills etc. Because of the accumulation, more frequent and severe feelings of morning sickness than "iron stomach" are felt.

Essential oils help reduce the effects of morning sickness?

There really is no reason why pregnant women can not use essential oils for common problems such as morning sickness. Essential oils do not come with medicines. In the past, doctors have prescribed catastrophic medicines. In the 1960s, we only have to remember if more than 10,000 babies were born primarily in Europe and Africa with severe birth defects because their mum started treating medication with thalidimide to treat morning sickness. Drugs can be dangerous to the developing fetus, especially in the first trimester. But essential oils are unnatural drugs and do not have the same effect as these medicines. This is said that even medicines in nature can be harmful to both the developing fetus and the mother.

Ginger, peppermint, fodormenta

Dilute 50-50 and apply 1-3 drops to each ear and to the umbilicus 2-3 times per hour.

] Drain the oil as needed 4-6 times per hour.

Or put a drop in your tongue.

Another option is to have oil near the oil and before moving your head, hit the oil and start breathing. Movement is often the trigger of morning sickness.

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