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Essential Oils – The healing of damaged bones is not as difficult as the proper healing oils

I recently came to the ice and I broke my arm. Fortunately, the bones are not placed – a simple fracture of the radial bone head as shown by the X-ray. It is important that the pain is greatly reduced by the use of certain anti-inflammatory and analgesic essential oils. Essential oils can help the healing process? Absolutely! When the bones break up, there may be swelling, internal bleeding into the area, damage to the nerve and tendon. Using ice and in my case hanging my arm to immobilize has greatly reduced the pain. Here are the essential oils with which I lifted part of my hair throughout my claw.

The Helichrysum italicum, called Everlasting, was the first oil I used for pain and swelling. This is an excellent oil that has many great medical properties. Anticoagulants, anesthetics, antispasmodic, antiviral, liver, detoxifying and stimulating agents, chelating agents and toxins, and regeneration of nerves.

Subsequently, I applied the anti-inflammatory effect of lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus) to regenerate connective tissues and tapes. Lemongrass also strengthens the blood vessels, improves circulation and promotes lymph flow. Lemongrass may be slightly warm on the skin due to its high aldehyde content, so the third oil I chose was high in the monoterpenes that released the heat.

Idaho balsam (Abies balsamae) 98% monoterpene is an outstanding anti-inflammatory oil. It also has anticoagulant properties and is an excellent oil for arthritis / rheumatism, lumbago and sciatica. In addition, the scent of balsam tree on Christmas trees – a refreshing scent of heavy helicopter scent and weeds

The fourth oil I used was a mixture called Trauma Life. This mixture is valerian, lavender, incense, sandalwood, rose, helichrysum, spruce, geranium, davana and citrus hystrix. This special blend helps get rid of buried emotional trauma in my case because of an accident, but it helps get rid of the emotional trauma of her loved ones, assaults, or abuses. It is opposed to stress and feverish traumas that result in insomnia, anger, anxiety, and weakened immune response. The valerian component of this oil certainly helped me rest more, as I put my arm in a comfortable position, it was a bit of a performance.

A number of other essential oils can be found in bone healing, including winter vegetables, peppermint, lizard, pine, ginger and vetiver. The most important thing is to find out which oils will be the most useful for you. I found a formula that worked for me.

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