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Essential oils Vs fragrance oils

Only if he thought that mankind was increasingly involved in the emergence of technology and scientific discoveries, when health and wellness progressed, the return of centuries-old medical practices to improve physical well-being. Learn about the remarkable popularity and therapeutic effects of essential oils on wellness. From soaps to body lotions, foot care and hair moisturizers, the use of these ethereal oils has been widely accepted by the vast majority.

And with the wide range of today's products that have the therapeutic effects of essential oils, we wonder how we can be sure that consumer products purchased on the market are "natural" and not "synthetically"? How do we know that the body lotion we like to buy, for example in these charming boutiques, really contains essential oils and non-artificially produced fragrance oils?

On the one hand, essential oils are not really oils, but natural mixtures of organic compounds in herbs and plants. The trees of flowers, leaves, stems, roots, fruits, seeds, or trees are extracted by distillation or expression (clamping). In contrast, perfume oils are synthetic and artificial, designed by chemists to create an attractive fragrance inspired by essential oils.

Unlike essential oils, fragrance oils are not used to nourish the well being, although the fragrant smell can bring a feeling of satisfaction to the good smell, and even another sniff can be given to the dashing guy or the slave girl. Essential oils have a specific pharmacological effect through the absorption and inhalation of the skin, which is the basis of the aromatherapy practice, a widely used form of natural alternative medicine; perfume oils are used to smell a wide range of commercial products with the aim of improving the smell of the product and, as such, are often referred to as "perfume oils". And although both may cause some allergies to somebody, fragrance oils can cause allergies to people like essential oils because the former have different chemicals.

Obviously, essential oils exceed the perfume oils in terms of health and wellness benefits. Unfortunately, the high cost of producing essential oils for most companies does not make any choice but to use only perfume oils in their commercial products. The good thing is that there are still many product manufacturers who use natural raw materials, with the firm belief that quality products are always protected on the market.

Now that you know the difference between essential oils and fragrance oils, your choice is to show which products you want to present in your lifestyle and family. Knowing the difference between "aromatherapy essences" and "artificially produced fragrance" is an important first step in deciding which products we choose for you and your family's needs. Be a smart consumer. Read the label carefully before discarding the product.

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