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Excessive mucus and allergic relationship: how to get rid of mucus

Tired of swallowing tablets and using nasal sprays? I can connect, I was there myself. Four years ago, my sinus struggle ended when all sine diseases were freed. I share with you some simple things that I made for a final relief, not just for me but for others who were willing to be unconventional. Here are some of the things we have done to be effective in significantly reducing or completely eliminating excessive mucus:

Mucus Function

But first of all, it is a word about our need for mucus. The normal daily amount – one or two pints – must move between the sinuses and the nasal cavities and pass through every day to make sure our breathing apparatus is healthy. This explains that the main function of membranes lining such areas is to produce mucus. Protects the respiratory system from pollens, dust, bacteria, foreign particles, etc. and also explains that the constant flow of pure, wet mucus – not green or yellow mucus – is normal and vital to the health of the sinus. So how do we keep the "good sine mucus" going too far? Here are some good tips:

Allergic irritation

Most of the overwhelming mucus is probably the result of allergic irritation caused by the environment, which is aggravated by some meals. Yet, for many, it is not known that household dust is the invisible culprit behind many allergic reactions and the production of histamine – the transparent, watery mucus that reaches the allergic season or the whole year when allergic to the dust of the house. Try this experiment: Place your nose close to the carpet or overloaded furniture and breathe deeply. If you are allergic to dust you will know in a few seconds: itchy eyes, cough, difficulty breathing, sneezing, etc. If this happens and you decide whether to try regular antihistamines or seek professional help based on the intensity and frequency of the reaction. Sometimes pets The powder in the house's dust is the cause of the problem and can be separated and treated.

Foods to Avoid

Dairy products and sugar in most cases exacerbate allergic reactions and excessive mucus. I knew people who had eliminated these two elements from their diet for four to five days, and the results were so convincing that they significantly reduced the constant use of these two foods. In fact, excessive mucus is no longer a problem for them.

Green and Yellow Mucus

These colored mucus, although very common in some circumstances, suggest that we need health problems. We are often told that there are infections in the various conditions produced by our immune system. One way to be better tolerated is to drink 5-6 glasses of water a day; to help pass the breathing apparatus and help the immune system work. Lack of mucous membranes such as sugar and dairy products, as mentioned above, also reduces their annoyance. These two mucus cannot be swallowed as much as possible. Guaifenesin is a stock market medicine that helps you free yourself from being raised. Why not try these suggestions? Risks are minimal, while potential results can be very useful.

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