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Exercising the eyes for a better future

The eye problem has become "normal" today. Short-sightedness for older people and the seniors of the elderly are now a norm, not an exception. The popular measurement of visual acuity is wearing glasses, using contact lenses or extreme cases – laser eye surgery.

Glasses and contact lenses are like wheelchairs for people with disabilities. They do not repair or heal anything but make life simpler and at the same time expensive because eyeglasses and contact lenses cost a lot of money. Eyeglasses and contact lenses can also contribute to the deterioration of vision later on in life.

It is interesting to note that ophthalmologists never offer natural, non-invasive vision correction methods. The only thing that was offered was prescription glasses. That's because it's just a business like any other. The more jewelry they sell, the more money they have. I think medicine should never be a money-making activity – it should focus on patient well-being. But you go.

I was wearing 11 years of 11 years of glasses. In my case, I was lucky: my eyes saw me in simple eye exercises, as you say, unlike visual spectacles, it results in real eye correction.

The only problem was that I was too young to understand their importance and do it every day. After all, wear lightweight glasses. In addition, you will find those that really match you! Unfortunately, this approach is now available to most people. Everything is easy to do, fashionable and of course looks good.

At a certain point in my life, after doing a lot of things on the subject, I realized that it was important to keep my eyes open and I decided to try them. The daily work with proper nutrition and self-hypnosis helped stop my vision and reversal.

Below you should try some exercises daily:

– Sit in a comfortable position and look right in front of you. Look at the distance without moving your head and then moving far to the left. Repeat this ten times. Fix your eyes for a few seconds in each position. You will get dizzy if you do too fast.

– Initial position as in the above practice. Look at your head and do not look down. Attach your eyes to every position for a few seconds, otherwise you may feel dizzy.

– Initial position as in previous exercises. Now move your eyes in a circle clockwise. Try not to miss any point in the circle and do not rush. Counterclockwise, then counterclockwise. Repeat 5 times. Finally, rub your palms, close your eyes, and gently put your palms on your eyes to rest.

– Sitting or standing, focusing on a 5-second object, then looking at a far-reaching object. This workout can be done in front of the window to point out exactly.

– Follow a large geometric shape or an imaginary number of eight in the air with his nose. So your eyes follow the contour of the shape.

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