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Extreme H2O Contact Lenses – Ideal for Dry Eye Problems

Extreme H2O contact lenses could be the best solution for all dry eye patients. These lenses maintain excellent moisture due to highly advanced materials, so-called hioxifilcon. So, even if you use them all day, you can be sure that visual purity and moisture will remain. If you think you can benefit from your contacts, you should consult your doctor first.

Hydrogel Vision, a research and development assistant for benz, is the manufacturer of these unique contact lenses. The secret of the moisture retention capability of the contact lenses is patented raw material, Hioxifilcon A and D, derived from glycerol. Due to these unique features, the use of contact lenses prevents dryness of the eye and results in optimum health and comfort for the user.

There are currently two Extreme H2O contact lenses: Extreme H2O 54% and Extreme H2O 59%. Basically, the percentages associated with the denominations inform consumers of the amount of water contained in the product. Extreme H2O 54% contact lenses are primarily recommended for those with mild dryness. They are made of Hioxifilcon D and are of round or torsion type.

Extreme H2O 59% contact lenses are ideal for those who have the extraordinary symptoms and discomforts of dry eyes, as they are able to promote proper oxygen circulation. They are made of hioxifilcon-A and are available as thick or thin lens types.

How exactly can you enjoy lenses that average outweigh moisture retention abilities? For those who use these tools, they can agree that this is a very important word in every sense. If drought ever occurs, the eyes are sensitive to many complications, such as dirt, irritation, and inaccurate visual acuity. Relationships lose their shape even if there is not enough moisture that can result in shrinkage and abnormally interfering with the surface of the eye. This can be a major problem when inserting or removing a contact lens.

Keep in mind that before purchasing these products, always contact your eye specialist to provide the right recipe. This is to ensure that the size and performance of the appropriate lenses are fitted. If you do not have a doctor, you can find one on the Hydrogel Vision website.

There are various places to buy these contact lenses. Ask your doctor if this is already in stock. Online retailers, such as and, offer between $ 25 and $ 28. If you become legitimate, you may be sure to assign a prescription to a doctor before any Extreme H2O contact will be sent to you.

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