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Eye Exercises to Improve Vision – 10 Minute Exercise Exercises to Clarify Vision

To help our full health, our body needs exercises. This statement also applies to our eyes. In this article you will find some simple eye acceleration to improve vision. The exercises you will learn will be beneficial in loosening your eye muscles and help improve vision. Eye Exercises are often effective for "fixation" eye problems such as macular degeneration (ARMD), lazy eye, astigmatism, blepharitis, cataracts, pink eyes, glaucoma, myopia and eye strain.

The following are simple exercises that can be regularly exercised to strengthen the eye's muscles. You can do the job on the spot at any time, whether in the bed, in the garden or at the workplace.

You can copy these instructions to eye exercises to improve vision or read it aloud:

First, remove the contact lenses or the glasses. Sit in a comfortable chair or sit comfortably on the floor. Heat your hands and rub them, then close your eyes and discover them with your warm palms without touching your eyelids. Try to win as much as you can and take a deep breath to relieve stress. Stay in that position for a few minutes. Then open your eyes for 5 seconds to continuously breathe regularly. Repeat this process about 8 times.

Now with your fingertips gently massage your eye area. You can use your favorite aromatic oil during your work. Continue to massage without pressure. After repeating the gestures for approx. For a minute, place three fingers on the upper eyepiece guard and gently press down approx. For two seconds. You can repeat this process 4-5 times.

The next eye is to improve vision while exercising vision training. Turn your eyes slowly counter-clockwise and counter-clockwise. Do five exercises and blink your eyes.

Now look at a nearby object, such as a book at your desk, which is less than six inches away from your eyes. Then focus slowly on the distant object, such as a picture hanging from the wall, or a sign outside the window. Continue focusing for a few seconds and then return to your book.

The last eye will follow your thumbs following the effects of improving vision. & # 39;

Keep your thumb in front of the arm length. Slowly move your thumb toward your nose and hold your eyes with your thumb until you can concentrate on it. Repeat this ten times.

Contains the above exercises on a daily basis and dramatically changes your vision. To maximize your results, you consume a lot of vitamins that are beneficial to your eyes. Health. Such vitamins A, C and E may reduce cataract and ARMD.

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