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Eye eyelashes instead of laser eye surgery?

Are you the upcoming, absent? Before resigning your glasses to contact lenses or laser eye surgery, check out the promise of the eyeballs. They promise to see their correction without surgery – during sleep

Long ago, in the 1960s, two California medical doctors, when they received feedback from their patients who were wearing contact lenses, were constantly listening to the same story again. Their patients often leave their home, work, and notice for half a day they do not wear a contact lenses. And they saw them well. It seemed that the constant wearing of contact resulted in a gradual transformation of the cornea and improved their vision. This random exploration eventually resulted in experiments and tests with the eyepiece.

Corrective eyelids or CRT (Corneal Refractive Therapy) lenses, as they are officially known, are hard contact lenses that are very similar to locks or closures on their teeth. You slept in the night before you went to bed. During the night, during sleep, they transform your eye cornea. When you wake up in the morning, your blurred vision has disappeared. You can see the pictures on the walls, the buttons of the clothes, and the alarm clock in the dressing room. You have 20/20 vision.

Unlike laser eye surgery, the changes are not constant. Changes in the cornea may only last a day for some people. It took another week for others.

So, who is the most likely candidate for these eyeballs?

Young teens for one. Many good ophthalmologists do not work with a teenager or a person under the age of 18 or under 21 because of the body, including the eye. it is still growing and changing. In such cases, the physician can reasonably determine that the risk is unavailable and completely excludes the corrective eye surgery. In this case, eyeballs can be good alternatives.

Eyes are one of our most important sensory organs and many people are willing to make any kind of permanent change for them. To do this, you must contribute to the growing number of malicious lawsuits involving breakthrough surgery, and some people, apart from surgical interventions, seek alternative alternatives to improve their future. For them, there is a good compromise between durable contact lenses and laser eye surgery.

For those who want to get a bargain, they also like eyeballs. The price of CRT lenses is much lower than the cost of laser eye surgery. But the news is not all good. The braces must be hard to transform the cornea. This can cause them discomfort. And although most people get accustomed to it, some people find they can not adapt.

And although it is relatively rare, wearing contact lenses increases the risk of microbial infections of the eye.

And thirdly, long-term studies have not been done for longer night wear.

So, if you want CRT lenses, how do you get them? You can not just do an ophthalmic surgery and order them. The CRT lens should be prescribed by a physician who has CRT lenses.

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